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Lighting genres

  1. Lighting genres
  2. • Within the structure of a building whether it is for retail, historic or residential lighting design can be key to the mood of a room or a building portray, not only this, but when used correctly lighting can be used to accentuate certain angles and shapes within the structure of the building creating a vocal point to draw the audiences eyes to in a residential home this may be a feature wall in a certain room, a particular ornament or perhaps a place of function for decorative purposes such as an island unit in a kitchen or a mirror in a bathroom …right down to candles along a surface or a skylight made to let natural light flood into the house to create a lighter, airy, larger room.
  3. • This differs from say a historic home in which they would have to be careful as to what kind of bulbs and lighting they used they would have to think of how to create either a historic atmosphere through the medium of lighting or brighten the exhibit as much as possible without causing to the artefact in question, certain angles of the building may be significant to a certain part of a buildings past so would need to be portrayed in a certain way.
  4. • Although they differ these two subgenres have similarity both use lighting to accentuate the shape of certain parts of the architecture to create a vocal point and give depth to the building as a whole
  5. • Another genre that is similar subgenre that is similar to historic homes in style is art exhibitions in the sense of the lighting used because of the paintings being light sensitive many of the paintings may need to be displayed under certain conditions such as many of the older paintings may have been painted in sunlight therefore the condition required for display would need to be bright, yet not in direct sunlight as sunlight would destroy the pigments in the paint so the atmosphere would have to be reproduced through lighting such as halogen bulbs which reproduce for same bright atmosphere while not deteriorating the condition of the painting.
  6. • This is an example of how lighting can used to entice an audience and create a certain atmosphere • This is firstly started with the basic light fittings which are on light pillars which are at regular interval this is a welcoming ploy marking a path so the audience knows where to go while the warmth of the glow creates a warm welcoming atmosphere
  7. • A strip light is used in the middle of the hallway this is because lighting when used right can encourage people to move along faster which is the key idea with this the key elements are supposed to be the entrance area where guests are supposed to stop in awe of the display before them, and the welcome desk at the end where people book in between this the idea is to hurry guests along hence the slim strip light which encourages speed.
  8. • Overhead spots are also used over strips of tiles to make them look glossy and shine to make them look pristine and clean
  9. • By seating areas there are lamps placed to create a cosy homely feel to welcome guests
  10. • Led par cans are also used to up light the trees placed along the hall again to create an ethereal feel
  11. • To create an atmosphere of luxury the colour of purple is used inset into a ceiling to create an euphoric effect
  12. • Residential this genre differs greatly from building to building depending on the taste of the owner this example is a Childs nursery in a tree house
  13. • Lighting in this example is minimal but to fit in with the natural theme most of the lighting used is in the shape of a closed water lily the rest of the light is provided from the natural light of the outdoors
  14. • This house is fairly average during the daytime yet during the night mood lighting comes on illuminating the pure white interior white strip lights are used to generally light the room normally but coloured backlights are placed behind white curtains
  15. • Spotlights are for general lighting the strip lights for lighting features highlighting angles in the building
  16. • The lighting within this art gallery design is cleverly done the lights have been inset into a textured roof they light beneath them without spill that cud harm the exhibitions ..most exhibits are lit for beneath with the light flowing upwards.
  17. • For paintings to be displayed in the intended way as the artist perceived it, to do this generally the curator will ask the artist how they first painted the piece such as if the painting was done in bright sunlight the lighting needs too be brighter to reflect and reconstruct the environment that the piece was created to convey the intended mood.
  18. Events lighting
  19. • Looking at events lighting the light are mostly side lit and similar to architectural lighting in the sense that the lighting is made to accentuate the curves and shape of the room in question. The difference being that the tables often have centrepieces that highlight elements of the tables