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Three Hurrahs for Hyperlocal Journalism

Presentation to NAA MediaXchange conference about the state of hyperlocal and InJersey.com

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Three Hurrahs for Hyperlocal Journalism

  1. 1. THREE HURRAHS FOR HYPERLOCAL JOURNALISM Finding a business model amidst all the hype
  2. 2. WHO AM I? • Ted Mann — ted@injersey.com / @turkeymonkey • Digital Development Director for Gannett NJ • Manage five core newspaper sites and five sister sites in NJ • Obsessed with open source
  3. 3. POP QUIZ • Which local media organization is currently hiring 55 positions, including reporters and editors? • What is the total estimated potential revenue in the hyperlocal space? $13 Billion • What is the one area where Gannett’s New Jersey newspapers -- e.g. Courier-Post, Asbury Park Press, The Daily Journal -- are expanding local news coverage? • Where can journalism students edit and publish directly to the New York Times website?
  4. 4. 2004
  5. 5. 2010
  6. 6. WHAT IS HYPERLOCAL? • News or content pertaining to a town or small community. • Often involves collaboration between veteran journalists and community members or citizen journalists. Hyperlocal Not Hyperlocal
  7. 7. LOTS OF DIFFERENT MODELS • Citizen-run • Full-time journalists • Pro-Am (hybrid) • Aggregator
  8. 8. “JARVIS” BUSINESS MODEL • NewsInnovation.com/models • Assumptions: $3-$15k startup; 20-60k population
  10. 10. THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE User-Generated Content (how do you get people to do more than post comments?) Some of the solutions ....
  11. 11. INJERSEY.COM CITIZEN JOURNALIST MODEL • Open Registration and a social network for citizen journalists (powered by WordPress MU & BuddyPress)
  12. 12. DEMO http://injersey.com/about/
  13. 13. OPEN REGISTRATION = OPEN ACCESS • User profiles, ability to author posts, access to all sites
  14. 14. COACHING CITIZEN JOURNOS • Using PM’s to issue assignment requests and ideas • Messaging to send feedback and revision requests • Member profiles to ensure some degree of accountability
  15. 15. OTHER WAYS OF FOSTERING CITIZEN JOURNALISM • SeeClickFix • Twitter • Google Moderator
  16. 16. “Doing journalism in 2010 is an act of community organizing” —Robert Niles, The Online Journalims Review
  17. 17. CONTACT INFO InJersey.com Ted Mann: ted@injersey.com / @turkeymonkey Personal Blog: turkeymonkey.com