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Organizing and preparing your speech

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Organizing and preparing your speech

  1. 1. Giving Your First SpeechPart 1 of the Public Speaking ProcessPresented by:Professor Tamika Taylor By PresenterMedia.com
  2. 2. •What will you know after this presentation: Point 1 Preparing the Speech Point 2 Organizing the Speech Point 3 Presenting the Speech
  3. 3. Although you may be tempted tomarch up in front of the room and juststart talking…
  4. 4. DON’T.
  5. 5. •Preparing the Speech You can dive right into public speaking Get into the right • It’s not about you. frame of mind • Listenability should be your focus throughout the process. • Do what’s right by society’s standards Commit to strong • Be up front about intentions, tell the truth, do not take credit for someone else’s work/ideas ethics. • When in doubt, take it out. • Take actions that enhance, not diminish your reputation Be civil. • Show courtesy, use good manners, listen to others, be fair, and show respect to your audience.
  6. 6. •Preparing the Speech cont… Analyze Your Determine Choose Your Audience Purpose Topic • Includes demographic • To • Select a topic in which and psychographic inform, persuade, mar you have info k a special interest, appropriate • Take this info and occasion, etc. and meaningful make decisions to • Ex: Persuade: Find • If audience is construct a speech research and arrange general/mixed, choos that is relevant and arguments that lead e a topic of wide interesting. audience to that interest and broad conclusion. appeal
  7. 7. •The final steps of speech preparation Determine thesis • Narrow your topic to a central idea • Thesis is 1-2 sentence that tells audience what speech is about. • Typically stated in Introduction • Devise early. Find Supportive Materials • Find data and visuals that substantiate your ideas and speech purpose • Can be personal, opinion, or factual • Increases creditability and audience comfortability
  8. 8. •Organizing the Speech Preparing the Speech Outline Introduction Main Main Point # 1 Point #2 Sub Point Sub Point Sub Point SubPoint #1a # 1b #2a #2b Conclusion
  9. 9. •Organizing Your Speech cont… Outlining Your Speech Part 1 Organize Main Points Develop Main Points Determine and organize the • Determine the major major ideas that will support ideas that support your your thesis thesis Organize your ideas so your • Must relate to each other listeners can follow you and and organized in a understand recognizable pattern Main Points cont… • Can be arranged many ways • By topic, time, compare/contrast, cause- effect, problem/solution, reas ons why, ways how etc.