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HNWatcher - Hackers News tracking made easy

Want to be alerted every time a word appears in a Hackers News submission or comment?
Want to track all submissions and comments by a user on HN?
Want to track your karma over time?

Well HNWatcher is what you need.

Try http://www.hnwatcher.com - The Google Alerts for Hacker News

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HNWatcher - Hackers News tracking made easy

  1. You are interested in Hackers News.
  2. You want to know when a submission contains a keyword
  3. You want to track a user
  4. You can't spend your day reading Hackers News
  5. Things goes fast on Hackers News
  6. Marketing needs to know what’s being said about their brand & competitors
  7. Community managers, Can jump in conversations while they’re HOT.
  8. Geeks, can stay on top of the latest technologies and influencers posts
  9. We have the solution
  10. hnwatcher.com
  11. hnwatcher.com Icons marketing: Quan Do - www.madebyquan.com geek: Luis Prado - julioh.com community manager: Stephanie Wauters - tephaniewauters.com Fonts Cheap fire: Richard D. Collins - www.iland.net Dot Matric: Svein KÂre Gunnarson - www.dionaea.com Geo sans light: Manfred Klein