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7 Things: How to make good teams great

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Developing a product over years is a tough job. It is hard for the team to stay excited on a day to day basis. So how can you improve motivation and innovation of agile teams and still keep the focus on building a great product? I want to share with you how we at Atlassian used an agile approach to become one of the most successful developer tool companies in the world. This talk will cover topics like FedEx days, 20-percent time, keeping distraction away from developers, lunchtime talks, dogfooding and much more.

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7 Things: How to make good teams great

  1. 7 Things:How to makegood Teamsgreat?Sven Peters - Atlassian@svenpet
  2. meThat‘s Sven Peters Atlassian Ambassador speters@atlassian.com @svenpet svenpet.com
  3. How to makeSoftware Teams great?
  4. How to makeAgile Teams great?
  5. How to makeGood Teams great?
  6. How to makeTeams great? you
  7. Beware!We‘reAustralian,mate!
  8. Programmers Heaven We kick ass Kick Ass Team Kick Ass Product
  9. Ch all eng ing iq ue hn MotivTec ation Improve Productive ovationTe Inn am si on P as
  10. d o i es anWh at m p C o
  11. i e s n a ? p is m th hy o C gWa d e in r o
  12. ge n a kB e h e c e t o e h u s y
  13. 7 Things:How to makegood Teamsgreat?
  14. 1 m e t i l ow ‘s F I t
  15. vs.
  16. Do not disturb Time
  17. Do not disturb the rest
  18. Reality Check: How easy is it to implement in a corporate environment? Feasibility Points:Awesomeness Points: How great will your team be?
  19. 2 d you Fee Bra r in
  20. go toJfokus or another Conference Barcamp free - cheap or any other Open Space conf Jug free or any other User Group
  21. i ze a norg Coding Sessions
  22. e iz ano rg Brown Bags
  23. Reality Check: Feasibility Points:Awesomeness Points:
  24. 3 Well done!Say:
  25. Appreciationalso ofsmall things
  26. Appreciationis important forhappiness
  27. Appreciationmadepublic
  28. Appreciationforeverybody
  29. Appreciationshould beeasy!
  30. Appreciationwithoutapproval
  31. „ Feel free to recognise someone for something awesome theyve done (no approval required!) To recognise a colleague, please click here. Atlassian Extranet
  32. Reality Check: Feasibility Points:Awesomeness Points:
  33. 4 eport R obot
  34. i ld ta da w g ECSupem se ti n vpPhpome c le e A ustob l ‘r L VeW onr r co si e alludone b Testserver e FeuA ac t ou t podtem pT ic sl e f aeeliesan e B touT io lr t dcs s IRTime en ela afi dr ncsifse t ts c aa c ion aW SaC ti Sr iviews cCy TTewy s Performance omvi etss pl edm R e
  35. i ld or ts w at ed rep ‘re t au t om e ab ouW
  36. i ld ta a w a ri n g d ‘re bo ut sh e a„W An information radiator is a display posted in a place where people can see it as they work or walk by. It shows readers information they care about without having to ask anyone a question. Alistair Cockburn
  37. Reality Check: Feasibility Points:Awesomeness Points:
  38. 5Eat your own Dog Food
  39. n g s t iTe
  40. e r t tB e
  41. lt suRe
  42. Eating your own Dog Foodis alpha testing
  43. Eating your own Dog Foodis understanding
  44. Eating your own Dog Foodis painful
  45. Eating your own Dog Foodis fast feedback
  46. Eating your own Dog Foodis less QA
  47. Eating your own Dog Foodis efficent work for QA
  48. ng di o o @ Atlassian gf oD
  49. Reality Check: Feasibility Points:Awesomeness Points:
  50. 6 Experimentation Time
  51. MotivationthroughInnovation
  52. Whatyou need + + + =
  53. What you get +
  54. Reality Check: Feasibility Points:Awesomeness Points:
  55. 20%7 Tim e % 0-2
  56. 20% Time Rules
  57. The real world
  58. Reality Check: Feasibility Points:Awesomeness Points:
  59. 1 It‘s Flowtime2 Feed your Brain 73 Say: “Well done“4 Report Robot5 Eat your own Dogfood6 Experimentation Time7 20% Time
  60. Try Fail!but don‘t be stupid!
  61. Measure!
  62. One Step at a time
  63. Differentbe
  64. Thanks We‘re hiring a lot svenpet.com/slides @svenpet