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Staying Positive

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Staying Positive

  1. 1. + How to S tayPOSI IVE in a TOUGHWork Environm e nt
  2. 2. Th e E n vir o n m e n t Ot he g in nt Be r Pe g an nme ha op Ch iro vio le’s nv r E Ouch! Past Negative Work YO U Experiences Environment De e te r tiv ew Th min a eg d Vi eo ism N rl ry o W Beware the Bullets!
  3. 3. Negative Work Environment - Dog eat dog . . . everyone fighting to get ahead - No one appreciates your contributions - Too much work . . . not enough help - Deadlines are unrealistic - Longer hours . . . additional work - Budget Constraints - Competition is eating us alive - Poor management / direction - Job insecurity
  4. 4. Other People’s Behavior Gossi Bulldozers Complainers ps Whine rs Negatives Patronizers Sn e ip rs B a c k s ta bbe rs Clams C o n tr o ll Walking Wounded e rs S lu ffe B ro w n E x p lo d e rs No s e rs rs
  5. 5. Changing Environment “The only person who always likes change is a wet baby” CHANGE . . . x Challenges our paradigms x Alters the way we think x Makes life more difficult for a while x Causes Stress x Is an ongoing fact of life
  6. 6. Past Ouch! Experiences Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
  7. 7. Negative World View Media Frenzy A recent Statistic: Crime down 20% in America reporting up 600%, Look at what you are looking at !!!
  8. 8. Determinism Theory GENETIC: My Grandparents did it to me. x (Inherited traits) PSYCHIC: My Parents did it to me. x (Upbringing) ENVIRONMENTAL: My Spouse, my Boss, x the Company, the Economy, etc.. is doing this to me. (Surroundings)
  9. 9. L ife ’ s L ittle Q u e s tio n “Are some people just born positive thinkers . . . or is it their CHOICE?”
  10. 10. C h o o s e th e R ig h t L ug g a g e dge Do le t s Be B ul B u lle t p r o of
  11. 11. Th e P r o b le m With D o d g in g B u lle ts You’ re  g oing  to g e t hit!
  12. 12. C h o ic e #2 Wear Bulletproof Armor
  13. 13. Bulletproof Armor Comes from SELF CHANGE
  14. 14. Putting on the Armor nge Cha gs! hin 3T
  15. 15. H o w to C h a n g e Yo u r Attitu d e ATTITUDE Changes happen personally from the INSIDE OUT! ATTITUDE
  16. 16. S o . . . Ac c e p t R e s p o n s ib ility I am r e s p o n s ib le . . . . . . fo r w h o I am . . . fo r w h a t I h a ve . . . fo r w h a t I do E TTITUD A
  17. 17. S te p #2 Ta k e C o n tr o l YO U Negative world view FROM THE INSIDE . . . OUT! ATTITUDE
  18. 18. H o w to C h a n g e Yo u r T h in k in g THINKING Changes come from observing logically in every situation THINKING
  19. 19. O b s e r ve Yo u r T h in k in g to o k W eo do ha t sh f u is d e to c a r e th n th f u It I is s e le e ! ? Tm m o r r o w it o T h is is a ll w ill lo o k ve ry I te r y v in te r e s tin to su e bd iffe rk n t . g … c e e h im s t lik t h e o . dt I’ e a b THINKING
  20. 20. M a n a g e Yo u r S e lf- Ta lk If you think you Can, or you think you Can’t… YOU’RE RIGHT! Henry Ford This is going to be This is going to a wonderful day! be a crappy day! THINKING
  21. 21. H o w to C h a n g e Yo u r B e h a vio r BEHAVIOR Changes take true assessment, determination & discipline BEHAVIOR
  22. 22. C h o o s e Yo u r B e h a vio r REACTIVE Response Stimulus RESPONSIBLE My My Stimulus C ho i Res po ce ns e BEHAVIOR
  23. 23. S te p s To w a r d C h a n g in g B e h a vio r The New YOU! BEHAVIOR 4. Unconscious Competence 3. Conscience Competence 2. Conscience Incompetence 1. Unconscious Incompetence
  24. 24. INFLUENCE YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Ad d P O S I+ IVE B e h a vio r Replace the BAD HABITS! • Spread a SMILE around • Sprinkle some “positive” on the negatives • Focus on the good of each day • Stay out of the “feeding frenzies” • Say “please” and “thank you” • Practice EMPATHY • Evaluate YOUR behavior • Never miss an opportunity to complement BEHAVIOR
  25. 25. M o r e P O S I+ IVE C o n tr ib u tio n s • Before you say anything to anyone, ask yourself three things 1. Is it true? 2. Is it harmful? 3. Is it necessary? • Keep promises • Have a forgiving view of people • Keep an open mind with changes • Count to 1000 if necessary • See criticism as opportunity to improve • Cultivate your sense of humor
  26. 26. Remember to . . . Watch your definitions - they become thoughts Watch your thoughts - they become words Watch your words - they become actions Watch your actions - they become your destiny
  27. 27. Th e C h o ic e is YO U R S With a B a d a ttitu d e yo u c a n n e v e r h a v e a pP o s itiv eda ttitu d e o s itiv e a y With a yo u c a n ne ve r ha ve a b a d d a y
  28. 28. C h o o s e P O S I+ IVE L ivin g
  29. 29. HAVE A WONDERFULL & A positive 2004 ENJO Y !!!!!!!!!! SYSPE.COM