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Aggression as Potential

This is a summary of an essentially practical session for dealing with discipline differences in the middle years. Drama is used as a means to train students in conflict resolution techniques and explore their own emotions and reactions. Fight techniques are developed, confrontations improvised and characters in crowd scenes role played.

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Aggression as Potential

  1. 1. Aggression as PotentialSusan Hillyard B.Ed. (Hons)
  2. 2. FIGHT TECHNIQUES in its own rightUNITY: Logic Cause Fight Consequence REAL DRAMA
  3. 3. To pull a punch = To hold backContrast Pace/rhythm• stillness Fluency• stalking Each fight unit• circling• waiting Fight = a word, a feeling Sounds Techniques Reaction • huffs Communication • puffs • grunts • gasps Eye Contact • cries Corpsing • howls Slickness Overall believability E.g. They didn’t pull any punches She never pulls a punch
  4. 4. Intervention: Sets: • peacemaker • garden fence • support one side • in the market • trouble-maker • on transport, e.g. busTrust exercises Confrontation Insults Talk ‘em down The angel & the devil Temper tantrums Humiliation exercises Dumb insolence
  5. 5. Chanting The leader • verbal machine • circle jingles Ceremony vs. Crowd ChaosThe DirectorFILM SCENE Scenes• hooliganism Emotions• crucifixion • joy• funeral • anger• political demo • laughter• airline disaster • sarcasm• strike • grief• Pied Piper • fear• escapes • panic