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Senior project speech

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Senior Speech. PDF.

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Senior project speech

  1. 1.     Stancil   1      Will StancilMrs. TilleryAP Literature9 April 2012 Saving Par Tiger Woods. Phil Mickleson. Jack Nicholas. These are all names that coalescethe face of golf. Golf professionals have weathered years upon years of training andexercise while battling mental and physical obstacles trying to be the best that they canbe. Since I was four years old, I have been hitting golf shots into my field, tryingdesperately at that age to achieve what people- two decades my age- are doing. More tothe point, like the professionals-that I confess that I idolize- I have played in golftournaments. My senior project was to help coordinate and understand the elements thatcoagulate into being a golf tournament. To truly begin, I have to address the first problem that plagued me, for it wasfundamental because it eventually directed me into producing my product. At first, I hadthe longing to create a set of golf clubs. Since I was a young child, I have always had agolf club in my hands, enjoying the contact of a club and a golf ball. I began researchingthe necessities behind creating a golf club set. It quickly became apparent that my wishwas fantastical because the process, which required a unique piece of machinery that wasnot found in nearby states, would set me back thousands of dollars. After littleconsideration, I dropped the idea and considered a more realist product. In the beginning phase of producing my product, I had a provincial view of whatactually came into play when organizing a golf tournament. I had a slight problem
  2. 2.     Stancil   2      finding a golf club that would help support me. However, my problem was solved when Iremembered that Crystal Falls in Dawsonville, GA was my best choice. Crystal Falls is avery popular golf course that borders Lake Lanier that is headed by Dirk Dill, my futureproject facilitator. Mr. Dill is a veteran golfing professional that has twenty-three yearsunder his belt and the head golf professional that manages golfing operations. Mr. DirkDill, as my project facilitator, was a tremendous help, providing help whenever he couldmanage. But before I get into my experience in producing my project, it would be best ifI clarified what all entailed the set up. With my research, I knew that for a golf tournament to succeed, it necessitated adistinct purpose. No matter the sporting event, a purpose drives the entire operation andkeeps the goal in mind. However, I knew that the golf tournament “season” was over, dueto the weather in late fall and beginning to winter, and decided that the best time forhelping coordinate a golf tournament was the kickoff of the season. There was a distinctpurpose behind the event: helping introduce and welcome players back into thecommunity. Even more, I needed to understand the tournament itself. I knew from first-hand knowledge and my research that there are numerous typesof golf tournaments that are available, such as match play, stroke, skins, foursome,scramble and many others. To truly understand the fundamentals of a golf tournament, Ineeded to be familiar with what type we were choosing. Collaborating with Mr. Dill, weconcurred that a scramble would be the best available option for the season opener. Ascramble can be best described as a tournament that consists of two to four players thateach hit their shot and whoever has the best ball, plays that ball, as well as the other
  3. 3.     Stancil   3      players. There was one final centerpiece that needs to be addressed because it providesthe structure of the tournament itself. Because of my research paper, I discovered that managing players’ handicaps is anecessity when competitive play is involved. Previously, I have a misconception that a“handicap” dealt only with a player’s average score compared to par. However, I foundthat handicap actually applied to competitive play for players, and for a player to recordand compare his or her game on different courses. Even more, there are two fundamentalsbehind a handicap: course rating and slope rating; while a course rating is described ashow difficult the course is to an expert golfer, a slope rating is how difficult it is for a“bogey” golfer. Moving on, Mr. Dirk and I thought that we should use the handicaps of theplayers to heighten the competition. That being said, I learned-through Dirk and myresearch- that players that group together, such as a two person team, average theirhandicap that will be used in the final scoring, that could make or break a team. Thishandicap system would be paramount for teams who might have a chance at winningprizes. Pushing forward, with all that has been said, the tournament was ready to begin. On March 17, 2012, Crystal Falls held the tournament that I helped coordinate.The day began as ominous and depressing, for there was passing showers. However, itcleared and my job quickly became apparent. I first had to manage the players with theircarts, which were specified with their member number and their start on a certain hole. Iwas overwhelmed at first; however, Dirk and the other employees were a relief and gaveme a repetitive pattern that I just had to follow. After that, it was a simple transition intoexperiencing a golf tournament.
  4. 4.     Stancil   4       However, I still had to contend with making sure that the driving rangewas kept tidy and there were plenty of range balls for the players to hit. It might seemtrivial, as it did to me at first, but satisfaction is key in drawing in new and stationarymembers at Crystal Falls. I had a slight learning curve in using the contraption thatpicked up the range balls then had to go to the basement of the clubhouse to wash theballs and return to the bin. I occasionally had to help some players who needed directionand asked questions. At this point, the tournament was in full swing and at the moment,my work was done. Afterwards of five hours, I helped Dirk and other members to tally thescores of the players; these scores were represented by a white sheet that clarified whowon certain events and the entire tournament outcomes. Finally, my work here was doneand all that I could of done was accomplished. Even with all of the work that I put in, mysenior project would have been hampered if not for Mr. Dirk Dill. His ability to multi-task a golf tournament and the institution itself, while dealing with me and giving all thathe could, truly make me appreciate and respect him. In finale, I have to clarify that I hold much respect and love for the gameof golf. The game requires finesse and a strong mentality to overcome obstacles. As thegame itself, managing a golf tournament is parallel. While coordinating and gainingknowledge what managing a golf tournament actually requires, I gained much morerespect for the people behind the curtain, per say. This senior project broadened myhorizon of what I actually relish accomplishing; beforehand, I held a provincial view thatonly playing the game holds excitement. Now, I see that building upon an idea or animagining of a golf tournament, providing prizes, bringing people together, holds as
  5. 5.     Stancil   5      much merit as playing and then some. Through and through, I hold that I wouldabsolutely enjoy having a career in the golf profession and would not mind following inMr. Dirk Dill’s footsteps. As I have said before, I hold Mr. Dill and others like him ingreat regard for managing a golf club and managing tournaments because of love for thegame of golf. With all that has been said, I sincerely recommend that others follow thesame path as myself and throw yourself out into an environment that is foreign to you butstill relates to something you love; because of what I have done, I believe that you willlove it an entirely different way and gained a different perspective entirely. Thank you foryour time and patience. As of now, do you have any questions?