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  1. Borland
  2. What? “Borland enables organizations to deliver better software faster.” How? By focusing on predictability and productivity across the application lifecycle, Borland takes a collaborative approach to ALM. This ensures that complex portfolios are efficient, adaptable, stable, and aligned with business. Result? The Borland Difference Developers • Work together • Know why they are building • Informed of changes QA/Test • Work in parallel • Instant knowledge • Cut inefficiencies Management/Customers • Predictably informed • Now have options based on real time data
  3. Disconnected Development Environment Lack of visibility Unpredictable Not seen by the right teams ? Delays in customer product notifications ? Misinformed management “GA is when? Why?” ? Slipped release date ! SPEC SPEC CODE CODE PRODUCT PRODUCT
  4. Connected Development Environment Requirements management Eliminates guessing All teams on the same page Connected Development Environment
  5. Connected Development Environment Proactive change notification Global teams collaborating
  6. Functional & performance testing Single point of truth Analysis & management visibility Connected Development Environment
  8. Borland Differentiators Borland The Other Guys Less infrastructure More infrastructure Smaller teams collaborating seamlessly Smaller teams working on their own Open & agnostic Migration of technology vendors Strong requirements = strong product Less focus on requirements Predictable management data Brute force unknowns Customer Choice •Methodology agnostic •Platform choice •Open Standards SDLC Coverage •Comprehensive Capabilities •Synergistic benefits •Best-of-breed Supports Innovation •Modernisation Alternatives •Enabling Agile •Service Offerings
  9. Micro Focus positioned as Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites 9 “Testing software can be an expensive process, but poor software quality leads to user dissatisfaction, as well as increased development and maintenance. Therefore, having a well-defined set of tools and practices to drive software quality will positively affect the overall business bottom line.” Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Integrated Quality Suites, January 31, 2011 This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report. The Gartner report is available upon request from Micro Focus.
  10. 2011-2012 Borland Portfolio
  11. • Continuous visibility to changes in a product requirement • Single point of truth to keep everyone on the same page • Eliminates uncertainty with deliverables • Powerful traceability across requirements and other lifecycle artifacts • Powerful document generation to support existing RM process demands • Flexible import export of document based processes Tracking and Managing Business Requirements Caliber Benefits Capability
  12. • Team collaboration is enhanced without change to tool or process • Control and visibility over project source code & changes • Global teams are always in synch • Manage and track revision changes to assets without the need to synchronize multiple sources • File versioning, labelling and code compare & merge capabilities, integrated with major IDEs • Flexible workflow, versioning and notification capabilities for all asset types Keeping Development Teams in Sync StarTeam Benefits Capability
  13. • Finally understand where and why applications are slow • Moves performance management from reactive to proactive • Lowers cost of infrastructure by knows just how much to build • Easy to design visual flow through applications • On premise and cloud based agents • Mobile simulation support for various protocols • Support for ERP systems and certified for SAP • TrueLog explorer shows where bottlenecks form Robust Performance Testing SilkPerformer Benefits Capability
  14. • Single point of truth for all testing practices • Managers can now track the efficiency of manual testers • Consolidates all practices into one tool for management visibility across functions • Integrates with industry leading tools • Demonstrates to manual testers what needs to be done • Launches functional tests and reports on results • Highly useful reports track progress across products, testers & tools • Integrates with SAP SolMan to make SAP more efficient Robust Performance Testing SilkCentral Benefits Capability
  15. • Dramatically shortened testing cycles • Deliver higher quality applications at a lower cost • Bridges the gap between business analysts and QA testers • The most powerful tech-domain scripting in the industry • End to end testing via visual to scripting • Wide support for various platforms including SAP, 3270, IE9, Windows apps Quality SilkTest Benefits Capability
  16. Business Analysts & Domain Experts Test Automation Experts Developers SilkTest - A home for all test automation skills and users Ease of use Programming Power
  17. • “Storyboard” Scripts – Not Code – Easy for everyone understand – Focused on what the user sees • Offline editing – Decreases maintenance effort • Visual results – Management review of regression issues – Immediate feedback to developers on where a test failed – Difference checker Visual Testing
  18. • Eclipse plugin – Java scripts – Creates a Silk4J Project – Record and playback in Eclipse – API for driving the OpenAgent Silk4J
  19. • Visual Studio 2010 plugin – Creates a Silk4NET Project – Record and playback in Visual Studio • Common Languages Run Time support – API for driving the OpenAgent – C#, Visual Basic – Supports VS 2008 as well Silk4Net
  20. Visual Test Testing Application Layers SOA SOA SOA SOA SOA SOA Business Services Graphical User Interface Java or .NET Script
  21. Testing a Complex Business Process Road Deicing Scheduling System Truck SOA FTP SOA Thermal Maps Station Readings Road Changes District Forecast Truck Schedule Truck Change Deicing Schedule Treated Road
  22. Testing a Complex Business Process - Scheduling road deicing SOA FTP SOA Thermal Maps Station Readings Road Changes District Forecast Truck Schedule Truck Change Deicing Schedule Treated Road Visual Test Java or .NET Script
  23. • Q&A Questions