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  2. To be
  3. Structure
  4. Structure
  5. Usage
  6. Present continuous
  7. Structure
  8. Structure
  9. Usage Use the present continuous to describe something that is happening right now
  10. Spelling
  11. Present simple
  12. Structure
  13. Use the simple present to talk about what regularly happens Usage I wash my hair every day. I go to the library on Saturdays. Use adverbs of frequency with the simple present to express how often something happens She never relaxes. You usually take life easier. Use the simple present to talk about scientific facts Stress causes high blood pressure. Water freezes at 32ºF.
  14. Spelling
  15. Present continuous vs Present simple
  16. Exercises
  17. Exercises
  18. Exercises
  19. Exercises
  20. Exercises
  21. Exercises
  22. Exercises
  23. Exercises
  24. Exercises
  25. Exercises
  26. I have (got)
  27. Structure
  28. Structure
  29. Usage Possession, family She‘s got a nice apartment. Have you got a computer? I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. Ilnesses I‘ve got a headache. She‘s got a cold. Physical descriptions He‘s got brown hair and a long nose. They‘ve got blue eyes.
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