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Career guidance

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career ,guidance,and their importance in careers in higher secondary and tenth

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Career guidance

  1. 1. BY SREEREMYA.S M.phil,Lecturer,Dept Of.Biotechnology,Mercy college,Palakkad
  2. 2. 2 Career Guidance Career – A Foundation What is Career? Profession or occupation with opportunities for advancement or promotion and not just livelihood. Time Management Prioritize works. Take tough job and don’t delay. Make schedule with 5minutes break per hour. SWOT Analysis [Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats] Career Guidance Center
  3. 3. 3 Career Guidance Career Cycle - 1 Career Guidance Center Self Education Vision Career Life System Career Planets Family Society A path that leads to Advancement & Promotion in Life
  4. 4. 4 Career Guidance Career Cycle - 2 5 Most Crucial Factors Career Guidance Center Steps to Progress Self Belief Facts Persevere Commit-ment Plan A path that makes some obtain his wishes: course, job and location
  5. 5. • Course Selection • Better Family Life • Helping the Nation • Develop Skills, Motivation, Plan Intelligently • Improve Reading • Taking Notes (You can Use) • Enlist Interested Career/Profession • Make Check-list • Crack all Entrance Exam • Get Advice • Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
  6. 6. • What do you want to study and where? • Planning must be done when students are at 10th standard. • Continuous study for more than 45mts might impact our concentration • Goal - How to reach it?, Risks Involved, Alternate Options • Check your academic performances. • Job Expectations: To be decided on Money, Status, Discipline, Command, Challenge (Keep in Mind your Interest)
  7. 7.  Your Personality • Mechanical, Investigative, Social, Rule-based (Finance, Accounting), Enterprising (Management), Artist. • Activity: Literary, Mechanical, Commercial, Scientific, Creative, Social, Dynamic, Outdoor/Indoor • Job View: • Your Options; List various works • Attend Career Talks • Get True picture of the job (Remember that successful people always appreciate their job) • Know what is in the job. • Feel the job. • Match your view and reality.
  8. 8.  Interests Matching: • Scientific Temper • Business Skill • Creativity/Aesthetics • Physically demanding • Sociability • Precision & Skill • Professional Challenge for growth
  9. 9. • Learn Terms • Get the Structure • Skim the Chapter • Thorough Reading • Review • Decrease in reading due to ◦ Reading aloud/moving lips ◦ Using Finger/head to follow ◦ Insufficient vocabulary
  10. 10.  Thus.devoliping.the.skills.make.a.great.impac t.in.the.person