economics notes managerial economics trends in international trade international trade demand business and economy ppt economy demand forecasting techniques demand forecasting process techniques of demand forecasting balance of payment economies of scale gdp trends international import export wto exim discounting principle and equi-marginal principle principle of timeperspective incremental concept fundamental economic tools-opportunity cost concep fundamental of economics time perspective principle discounting principle principles of economics opportunity cost eprg model epg eprg geocentric model regiocentric polycentric ethnocentric econometric methods barometric methods market studies and experiment expert opinion method delphi technique forecasting demand forecasting research report type research types of research applied research business research methods experimental research quantitative research kinds of research research types exploratory research business research qualitative research business research methodology historical research basic or fundamental research descriptive research research methods international monetary system international monetary fund bretton woods system exchange rate capital account current account unilateral transfers law of returns returns to scale law of equimarginal utility law lack of child education in india lack of child education child education
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