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EASA PART 66 Module 15.10 : Lubrication Systems

Lubrication system on bearing for turbine engine. Include with major component inside the system

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EASA PART 66 Module 15.10 : Lubrication Systems

  1. 1. 15.10 Lubrication System http://part66.blogspot.com/
  5. 5. TYPE OF BEARING LUBRICATION • Spray Jet/pressure Fed (direct oil to bearing) • Splash Oil (for light loading bearing) • Metered Oil (supply right quantity oil depend on speed of engine) • Film Lubrication ( surface separated by oil) • Squeeze film (minimise the effect of dynamics loads)
  6. 6. OIL TANK • Clasified by hot tank(oil cooler downstream) or cold tank(oil cooler upstream) • Located aboved the pump assy (for +ve flow) • Either vented or pressurize( for +ve flow) • Component : – Anti siphon tube – Gravity filler (prevent major loss of oil due to not properly fitted cap) – Oil quantity transmitter (for indicator EACAS) – Pressure fill and overflow port (provide option filling tank using presurize cart)
  7. 7. OIL PUMPS • To supply oil under pressure • Type : – Vane Pump (low pressure) – Gerotor Pump (high pressure) – Gear type pump (high pressure)
  8. 8. Vane Pump Gerotor Pump Gear Pump In Out
  9. 9. FILTER • Purpose to prevent any material (debris) other than fluid to pass through. • Type : – Cleanable Screen Filter • From woven wire and reuse after cleaning • Filter above 40micron – Fiber filter • Can screen down to 15 micron – Threrad filter • Last chance filter fit before bearing chamber – Scavenge Screen Filter • Fit to individual scavenge line • To catch large debris • The base is fit with magnetic chip detector • Indicate when detect metal like pop out
  10. 10. FUEL COOL OIL COOLERS (FCOC) • Purpose : Cool the oil and warm the fuel • Located in fuel system immediately before LP fuel filter
  11. 11. Air-Oil Seperation • Oil gain air after presurisation at the return oil. • Deareator is fix at top of oil tank on the return oil to seperate/baffle air from oil. • Air is vented or regulated to maintain +ve pressure.
  12. 12. MAGNETIC CHIP DETECTOR (MCD) • Purpose is to attract and hold ferrous metal particles in the system • Can cause wear or damage to system • Need to inspect frequently the present of grey metallic paste. • Other type is Indicating Magnetic Chip Detector and Pulse Chip Detector
  13. 13. ANTI STATIC LEAK CHECK VALVE • Keep presurize bearing with oil after engine shut down • Use anti siphon tubes with check valve Shiphon valve