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Jw day 4 (unit 4)

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Jw day 4 (unit 4)

  1. 1. Just WordsMs. AngalaJefferson AcademyWashington DC
  2. 2. FIRST FIVE!• 1. Come in quietly and take your seat• 2. Place materials on desk• 3. Take out HW assignment• 4. Write down HW assignment in agenda book• 5. Begin “Do Now”
  3. 3. DO NOW: Just Start! (5 min) WORD: bosses• 1. Get your Student Notebook, MEANING: 1. People who open to page ___. are in charge• 2. Copy this on the SENTENCE: The bosses get Demonstrations page mad when we come in late. (Vocabulary section): 2. Tells what to do (verb) That man bosses the kids when they are bad on the bus.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES:• By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:read, tap, skywrite and spell out 8 out of 10words with suffixes• …as measured by quick checks.
  5. 5. PRIDE scholars, hit it!!• Vocabulary, vocabulary how many words do you know?• We’ll have power to read in Just Words class• Here we go!!
  6. 6. Let’s review!!• SAY: We will have a quick drill of the high frequency words so that you become automatic with them!!• Ready?•Let’s go!!...
  7. 7. Teacher Build Words• WORD: bosses • Let’s try other• ASK: What’s the meaning of this word? words:• Great, ASK: what’s the • classes baseword? • bands• Excellent! ASK: Can you tell me the suffix? Consonant suffix or • cliffs vowel suffix? • chunks• ASK: When do we use it as a plural? As a verb?• ASK: How do we use this word everyday sentence?
  8. 8. SAY: Now, get your CompositionWORD TALK: hide Books EXPLAIN: There are days that we will be doing dictation, and• Display Words: you are expected to show read, mark up, success. How does success look spell orally like? 80% proficiency• What is the baseword? SAY: We will have our dictation, Suffix? underline the baseword and• Is it a plural or an action circle the suffix. Ready? word? • /b/, /g/, /k/• Select a word to define and use in a sentence.
  9. 9. Continuation…hide• Repeat, tap, skywrite, • had two binds spell orally • lacks two pens• shrink • stacks two boxes• dress* • stops to rest*• brost • When did you get the two• zunk* lamps?• skulls • Can you also get the two flags• dresses from the shell?• ants• kings• quills• bands
  10. 10. Did we meet the OBJECTIVES?• By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:• read, tap, skywrite and spell 8 out of 10 words with suffixes…as measured by quick checks.
  11. 11. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! • You deserve a Chimpan- CHEER!!!
  12. 12. HOMEWORK• 1. Write these words three times in different colors, and• 2. Use these words in a sentence:• plants• blocks• plugs• drills• wishes
  13. 13. LAST FIVE!• 1. Homework in homework folder• 2. Notes in folders• 3. Materials put away• 4. Clean desk and area• 5. Line up when instructed