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How to take online test

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How to take online test

  1. 1. Welcome to“How to Take the Online Test”
  2. 2. Go: http://portal.epopasia.org/
  3. 3. Put in your assigned USERNAME& PASSWORD. Then, click Login C C C
  4. 4. This is the Main page after login. To find the exam, scroll down to see My Courses or All Courses as found below.C
  5. 5. Look for EPOP Entrance Exam Section and Select/Click provided Diagnostic Test C
  6. 6. By clicking on EEE-Diagnostic Test 1, you will see this page! You have to put in Assigned Enrollment Key and click on Enrol me in this course!
  7. 7. After entering enrollment key, you will see this page! You can see these two sections: Structure and Written Expression and reading comprehension section!
  8. 8. After clicking on Structure and Written Expression, you can see this page! Read all the instruction carefully and Click Button Attempt quiz now to start!
  9. 9. After clicking on Attempt quiz now, thismessage is appeared. Then click OK to start!
  10. 10. After clicking OK, it is required to put given PASSWORD again. Then, click OK!
  11. 11. This is themain pageof theonline test.Choose thecorrectanswerand clickSubmit alland finish!
  12. 12. Good Luck!If you have any concerns or technical problems, do not hesitate tocontact EPOP team: Michael: epopasia@gmail.com Sokha: sokha.epopasia@gmail.com Blaire: blaire.epopasia@gmail.com KMH: mm.epopasia@gmail.com