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BRAND LESSONS: Grammy Awards 2011: Creating Events Like You Would A Wedding by James Andrews, Social Fresh Charlotte 2011

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BRAND LESSONS: Grammy Awards 2011: Creating Events Like You Would A Wedding by James Andrews, Social Fresh Charlotte 2011

  1. 1. The Grammys: The Rock n Roll Wedding of The Year James Andrews Founder Social People @keyinfluencer
  2. 2. Atlanta Los Angeles New York London
  3. 3. Our Wedding Friday Saturday Sunday Green Summit Social Media Rock Stars Summit Clive Davis “ Pre-Grammy Event ” Events in All Genres Grammy Day Post Event Airing in UK
  4. 4. Our Wedding Friday Saturday Sunday Honeymoon Bachelor Party Rehearsal Dinner Wedding Day
  5. 5. Finding Communities/Bloggers Classical Country Folk Jazz Pop/Dance R&B Rap Rock Tech Lifestyle Finding Unique Bloggers ( “ The riches are in the niches) Social Media Curators are the new Norman Lear/Aaron Spelling/Oprah How do you tailor the event experience/story around specific niches Treat bloggers as professionals The “ stuff ” on the “ cutting room floor ” can be amazing content for bloggers Green Technology Fashion #TeamBieber E-Waste Hawaiian Music Latin Fusion Jazz Southern Hip Hop
  6. 6. The Events Before The Event Social Media Rockstars Green Summit Technology E-Waste Social Media Bob Marley Chamillionaire Adam Lambert Digital Distribution
  7. 7. Take Your Event LIVE Live Video can drive social conversations around your event The online community can integrate with the offline community Not all live video is interesting so think about “ producing ” content Does your live event need an event curator Plan your tech needs in advance Live content requires promotion (pre/during)
  8. 8. Events Are Real Time Communication Opportunities Monitoring the conversation in real time is important Planning your Listening Game Plan and Strategy Customized “ Listening Dashboard ” Co-moderation Rights Crisis/Real Time Response Planning Social Media War Room February 13, 2011 Staples Center
  9. 9. Social As A Part Of The Event Experience Creating signage around proper hashtag to use Encourage “ Check-In ” Behavior Designated Areas For Bloggers Upload/Social Update Stations Real-Time Outreach ( “ Ms. Hudson it ’ s actually #Grammy ” )
  10. 10. Sharing The Data Post Wedding Get the information socialized in a timely fashion Find which analytics are important to the organization Create a “ teachable ” moment via data findings Is there a PR story around the analytics?
  11. 11. Which Analytics Mattered??? The Entire Grammy Story Arc
  12. 12. Which Analytics Mattered??? # HashTags & Mentions 5.6 Million total mentions of Grammy ’ s and official hashtags across social media Twitter #TT 100% (sort of....)
  13. 13. Which Analytics Mattered??? Sponsor Impressions/Blog Mentions/Tweets Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala Check-Ins #GrammyGreen Mentions B.O.B. In Flight Surprise Performance
  14. 14. Which Analytics Mattered??? Media Mentions Mainstream media took notice of the role social media played in driving conversation and engagement surrounding the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards and how Social Media impacted telecast ratings
  15. 15. The End