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Aquarium Filters & Fish Tank Filter Systems

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Learn about Aquarium Filters & Fish Tank Filter Systems in the tank. See how you can choose a good filter for yourself.

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Aquarium Filters & Fish Tank Filter Systems

  1. 1.                           Aquarium Filter
  2. 2. In order to keep your aquarium clean from algae formation and fromthe bacteria, you need to use the filter. There are various types offilter out there in the market. Lets get to know the filters inaquarium.Canister FilterCanister Filters are muchbetter when it comes tofilteration. They clean waterin much better quality andalso make sure they are notnoisy compared to the otherfilters. They are mediumpriced and are much good compared to the other filters out there.Check Aquarium Filter Reviews.Hang on type hybrid filtersThese filters makes use of multiple filteration technique that makesup of canister and the sponge, carbon filter. Filter is much cheap thatway and you can use it for the water cleaning.Undergravel Filter (UGF)Medium priced filter. A bit complicated to setup but easy to maintainafterwards. They are also easy to manage as well.
  3. 3. Sponge FilterThey are cheap and relativelyeasy to clean and maintain.They dont make much noiseand you get to use them prettyeffectively. If you cant affordexpensive filters then go withthe sponge filters.Protein SkimmerProtein skimmer will remove dissolved organic material from thewater. They are quite pricey and rarely considered these days.Protein skimmers also help increase the dissolved oxygen levels inyour saltwater aquarium.RefugiumIt is an external filtering tank, not used most of the time becauseexternal mechanical filters are much better compared to this.Aquarium SumpSump is like an external tank with the provision to filter out thewaste from the main tank. This sump is not used these days becauseyou can see how that is going to increase the maintenance.More information: http://greentigrate.com/fish/aquarium-filters/