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10 Easy to Follow Tips for Presenting to Senior Executives

Senior executives are one of the toughest audiences you’ll face as a presenter. Here are 10 easy to follow tips for presenting to Senior executives.

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10 Easy to Follow Tips for Presenting to Senior Executives

  1. 1. Easy to Follow Tips for Presenting to Senior Executives 10
  2. 2. Executives are naturally a TOUGH AUDIENCE.
  3. 3. They’ve got limited time, competing priorities, information overload, demanding bosses, and pressure to make great decisions quickly.
  4. 4. They’ll want you to get to the bottom line right away
  5. 5. Starting strong with executives means giving them confidence that you’re going to use their time wisely. MAKE YOUR INTRODUCTION COUNT #TIP 1
  6. 6. Be prepared to cover your content in the time allotted and leave ample time for discussion or questions. USE YOUR TIME EFFECTIVELY #TIP 2
  7. 7. #TIP 3 BE FLEXIBLE Always remember to be flexible and cover what is most important to your audience.
  8. 8. #TIP 4 KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE  Do they have any preferences?  What topics are particularly interesting to the targeted executive or group of executives?  Do you know their background and objectives?  Are they likely to interrupt your presentation with questions?
  9. 9. #TIP 5 Don’t plan to show the Data unless asked. If they need it they will ask, but otherwise save time. HAVE DATA TO SUPPORT WHAT YOU SAY
  10. 10. #TIP 6 Your slides should supplement what you’re saying by offering images, diagrams, and other easy-to-scan information. SMARTEN YOUR SLIDES
  11. 11. #TIP 7 KEEP IT SIMPLE Research shows that executives appreciate presentations that are clear, brief, and to the point.
  12. 12. #TIP 8 ASK FOR ACTION What actions do you want them to take? Approve an idea? Give you feedback on your approach? Hire a consulting team? Fund your startup?
  13. 13. #TIP 9 SUM IT UP Develop a clear, short overview of your key points, and place it in a set of executive summary slides at the front of the deck; have the rest of your slides serve as an appendix.
  14. 14. #TIP 10 Before presenting, run your talk and your slides by a colleague who will serve as an honest coach. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT
  15. 15. As with almost everything, the more experience you get presenting to leadership teams, the easier it becomes.