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The Brand as Publisher Masterplan - Content Marketing for the Next Decade

Content Marketing faces major challenges ahead with increasing competition forcing brands to execute better. That's where brand as publisher comes in. It's content marketing for the next decade!

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The Brand as Publisher Masterplan - Content Marketing for the Next Decade

  1. 1. The Brand as Publisher Masterplan. Content marketing for the next decade @simonpenson
  2. 2. About me. Who is this guy…
  3. 3. Background. Name:   Simon  Penson   Occupa1on:   MD,  Zazzle  Media   Career:     Print  editor  turned   digital  agency   founder   Contact:   @simonpenson  
  4. 4. And Zazzle…
  5. 5. We are the largest digital content marketing agency in the UK! The Zazzle arm of the Group has always been content-led in its approach and has never pivoted.As a result we have more experience than anyone. We are not learning it. We are it!
  6. 6. What we do. “We use content to create and grow targeted audiences of value through search, social and influencer channels.”
  7. 7. ‘So, what’s all this ‘Brand as Publisher’stuff?’ It just happens to be the future…
  8. 8. Your number one goal. To grow a targeted audience of value through all relevant digital channels.
  9. 9. Definition.
  10. 10. Defining the approach. “Think like a publisher. Imagine your brand owns the biggest selling magazine in your industry. What does your content look like? ”
  11. 11. But I sell socks? What’s the point?
  12. 12. 1.  Whilst you have some organic footprint in the UK, your average rank is very low meaning you won’t be getting any click share in a market where there is HUGE audience for your product. 2.  Competitors have been investing in the space for several years so there is a catch up game to play. Look at the evolution of mass media.
  13. 13. 13   The same is happening right now online.
  14. 14. So, what’s next?
  15. 15. “We’ve had content marketing. The next step is brand as publisher.” @simonpenson
  16. 16. Content Marketing to date. Paid strategy is not ‘always on’ Other content just ‘happens’ Distribution designed to attract shares, links and visits. Not long term. A series of campaigns are created in no particular order Content Ideas Produced The Brand as Publisher approach requires a three dimensional, integrated approach.   @simonpenson
  17. 17. Brand as Publisher. Designed to build long term audience Everything from social to email and PR is integrated Off page is more than just campaign content Full mix of strategic content produced Central Editorial Plan The brand as publisher approach requires a three dimensional, integrated approach.   @simonpenson
  18. 18. Where to start? Tackling the challenge.
  19. 19. General approach. The overview approach is captured below. Content calendar sits at the heart of the plan and it is shared through earned, owned and paid channels to maximize reach. EARNED Distribution includes blogger engagement & PR PAID Display, PPC, Social, Native and more. OWNED Content production centres on the blog, social & email An audience- centric editorial calendar sits at the heart. @simonpenson
  20. 20. Focus on the objective “To build a targeted audience of value for the creation of long term value.” Tactical elements of the plan can focus on specific goals but the strategy MUST Be based on long term value. @simonpenson
  21. 21. Start with people? Pillar one.
  22. 22. Marketing is about people. All marketing starts and ends with an understanding of people. We use our own tools and combine with existing data to paint a clear picture of who it is you are marketing to.
  23. 23. Understand them with data.
  24. 24. Social data insight. Age and gender split vs UK Facebook average. 0%   5%   10%   15%   20%   25%   30%   18-­‐24   25-­‐34   35-­‐44   45-­‐54   55-­‐64   65+   age   Female  Age  Demographics   0%   5%   10%   15%   20%   25%   30%   35%   18-­‐24   25-­‐34   35-­‐44   45-­‐54   55-­‐64   65+   age   Male  Age  Demographics   @simonpenson
  25. 25. Social data insight. Interest sets vs UK Facebook average. 0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   Technology   Fashion  &   Shopping   Food   Sports   Music   Films   Travel   Property   Facebook  
  26. 26. Audience insight profiler. We can use YouGov survey data to help further our understanding f your audience…
  27. 27. What they do online. This is a very digitally-active audience, especially when it comes to gathering information. They’re also using digital extensively for entertainment activities. 0   5   10   15   20   25   30   35   40   45   Monthly  online  ac1vity   Audience % Audience %
  28. 28. Brand content role. Your audience want content that improves their knowledge. Their second preference is for entertaining content. 0   5   10   15   20   25   30   35   40   Be  part  of   rou1ne   Connect  you   with  people     Inspire  you   Entertain   you   Provide   personal   service   Help   organise   your  life   Improve   your   knowledge     Keep  you   informed     Make  you   influen1al     Provide   relevant   content   Provide  real   life   experiences   Talk  to  me   like  a  real   person   Provide   tailored   content   Audience  %   Audience  %  
  29. 29. Personas.
  30. 30. Example personas. Buyer behaviours and content targeting JAMES 22 years old Single Works in sales at the other side of the city, but has written his car off Needs to find the money from somewhere to buy a new car, but doesn’t like the interest rates on car leases Usually good at saving money LUKE 29 years old Married Has racked up debt with a number of different companies, but wants to consolidate it all in to one place and take some control of his finances Long term goal is to improve credit rating so he can apply for a mortgage MEGAN 30 years old Married Just bought a house and has found out she is pregnant again Doesn’t want to move, so planning to have an extension built. Has no savings to rely on, so wants to take out a personal loan from a brand she can trust RESEARCH EVALUATE PURCHASE ATTRACT INTERACT PURCHASE
  31. 31. Top tip. Organise face-to-face meets with existing and potential customers and ask them lots of questions to cover WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY.
  32. 32. Editorial mission. Setting the rules for content.
  33. 33. The crystallisation of your content values and objectives The editorial mission statement. What does it do and how does it work?
  34. 34. Example statement Your audience want content that improves their knowledge. Their second preference is for entertaining content.
  35. 35. Content flow. Creating the right editorial plan.
  36. 36. Content flow. Top 20 list feature Competition to win XXX. Short form post We look at how well blog content ‘flows’ and to do this we use our own tool. While this only tests the last few pieces as an example, it is clear we can improve how the content ‘fits together’. The idea is to create ‘flow’ that looks like a healthy heart beat – troughs and peaks nicely paced.
  37. 37. Introducing The Content Flow Matrix. Aframework to help you design your editorial calendar and get variation right. FREE DOWNLOAD
  38. 38. Example content flow. Good content strategy requires variation to win. We plan calendars to ensure this is delivered across all key relevant content types. Example below of a month.                     CONTENT THEME WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4         LIST FEATURES         DOWNLOADABLE GUIDES         INFOGRAPHICS         MONEY SAVING 'HOW TO'         TOOLS AND TEMPLATES         SURVEYS/DATA LED CONTENT         HUMAN INTEREST         SIMPLE GUIDES    
  39. 39. Claim your FREE Brand as Publisher Toolkit… zazzlemedia.co.uk/resources
  40. 40. When to create. Once we understand where the opportunities are we then need to understand when to create this content to ensure you have maximum visibility around key seasonal trends. Google Trends and SocialAnalytics help here.
  41. 41. Flatplanning. Designing the ‘flow’
  42. 42. Reverse engineering mags This is how you plan ‘flow’ for a magazine. The process helps digital strategy. MAIN NEWS STORY 1 2 7 8 13 14 3 4 9 10 15 16 5 6 11 12 17 18 DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD 3’S A TREND ADWHY WE LOVE ( REGULAR ) FIRST DRIVE ( REGULAR ) LONG FORM FEATURE CONTENT LONG FORM FEATURE CONTENT LONG FORM FEATURE CONTENT NEWS NEWS PRODUCTS LIST FEATURE AD AD Q&A ( REGULAR ) FREE DOWNLOAD
  43. 43. Front cover insight. Getting your key pillars right.
  44. 44. Cover Structure Decide what your ‘Pillar Themes’ are and rinse and repeat! FREE DOWNLOAD
  45. 45. The Zazzle Mag! What our ‘magazine’ may look like… FREE DOWNLOAD
  46. 46. Claim your FREE Brand as Publisher Toolkit… zazzlemedia.co.uk/resources
  47. 47. Capturing the long tail. Getting the small stuff right.
  48. 48. LSIGraph.comSEMRush Keyword Studio Answer the Public Useful tools to define opportunity Research will provide the answers to the questions your audience are asking and to which you need to provide an answer! @simonpenson
  49. 49. Tapping into Micro Moments. I want to know. I want to do. I want to buy. I want to go. Understand each and brainstorm based on audience insight.
  50. 50. Big bang campaigns. Amplifying reach with Hero content.
  51. 51. Sense check your ideas to maximize success. QUESTIONS IDEA QUALIFICATION What’s the hook? Pre-pitch the idea. Supporting content? Ensure there is demand. Why this idea, now? Agree an exclusive angle Were is the audience? Create many exclusives.
  52. 52. We consider everything… We analyse every option to ensure we leave no stone unturned to maximise your content distribution @simonpenson
  53. 53. Campaign planning overview. Our creative comms team works in harmony to design integrated campaign plans for all off page content to maximize reach and resonance. Digital PR reaches the biggest sites. The social team works on paid and earned strategy Blogger specialists work with niche influencers The Creative Comms Plan Paid specialists create the biddable media plan
  54. 54. Example Campaign Plan. Our campaign planner captures every element to ensure we leave no stone unturned and maximize reach and impact. Multiple tabs capture every detail.   FREE DOWNLOAD
  55. 55. Team structure. The right people and skills to deliver.
  56. 56. Small business. @simonpenson
  57. 57. Medium business
  58. 58. Large business.
  59. 59. Claim your FREE Brand as Publisher Toolkit… zazzlemedia.co.uk/brand-publisher-toolkit
  60. 60. Read about it here… moz.com/blog/brand-as-publisher/
  61. 61. Free 15 Day Trial of the SEMrush Guru Plan ($150 Value) bit.ly/SEMZAZZLE
  62. 62. Thank you. Keep in touch. @simonpenson