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SEO link juice

  2. WHAT IS SE0 LINK JUICE Say for instance ,there are two websites A and B .If website B gets a link from website , B got some value or points from A - in technical language we term it as Link juice .These points are seen as votes that your website is worth visiting .This increases the value of you website in the eyes of Google. Slang used in SEO world to the value passed on from one website to another.
  3. HOW TO EARN LINKS ? Direct – link building – The content you consciously put on other websites like Blogs ,Article submission ,local listings etc. Indirect -link building – You are getting this unknowingly .You have not requested them or asked them to give you any link .They came to your website ,liked your content and then added your backlink to their website .For improving this, CONTENT is the key.
  4. BEFORE UNDERSTANDING HOW SEO LINK JUICE ,ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND FEW TERMS Backlinks – Whenever any external website posts the link to your website on their page or the content they post on their website .This means the backlink to your website is on their page .You get visitors , rank on google, authority and traffic because of these backlinks. Do-Follow links – A Do-follow link transfers the value or the authority of their website to the other website which they have provided link for on their website. No -Follow links – A No-Follow link means whenever a visitor comes on your website it does not transfers the authority or value to the link mentioned on your page to that website by telling search engines not to follow that link or pass the authority.
  5. WORKING OF SEO LINK JUICE Lets assume there are two websites ,Website X and Y. Both the websites are getting backlinks from other websites ,these links direct visitors to your website. Website X gets backlinks from 4 websites and Website Y gets backlinks from 3 websites. So, now to know the amount of equity transferred to your website or the outcome two situations are possible. X Y
  6. SITUATION 1 SITUATION 2 SITUATIONS : If all other things are constant and value of all the websites giving the links to X and Y are same .Then as per the quantity or number of backlinks Website X gets links from 4 websites ,so it will get more Link juice as compared to Website Y. Therefore , Website X has higher chances of ranking. If the websites giving links to Website Y has higher value in the eyes of Google as compared to websites giving links to Website X. Then in this case Website Y will get more points or equity. Therefore ,Website Y has higher chances of ranking in this case.
  7. 1.The link equity or value you get from other website depends on the value that website has in the eyes of Google .How good website that is (High Page rank)will determine the amount of link juice you will get from them. 2.You may get link juice from the pages that have content similar or relevant to your Website. 3.Pages that have quality content or are popular in Audiences. 4.Pages that doesn’t have much links. WHAT GIVES LINK JUICE TO YOUR WEBSITE
  8. SCULPTING LINK JUICE – If a website gives Do-follow links to 3 Websites ,Link juice will be equally divided in all three i.e. W1 (33%) , W2 (33%) ,W3 (33%) But if a website gives 2 Do-follow links and 1 No-follow link to 3 Website ,that means no juice will be transferred to the website getting No-follow link .Now ,the question is will the other 2 websites get 50-50% link juice as third website is not getting anything ? The problem is the Website giving links to your website will give links to other websites also ,which means the value will be equally divided to all the websites its giving backlinks for.
  9. LEAKING LINK JUICE But the fact is Link juice is not transferred in this way .The actual distribution of Link juice will be – W1 – 33% W2 – 33% The rest 33% will not go the 3rd website as it’s a no-follow link but this juice will get wasted or leaked.- This is known as,
  10. NOW SOME MAY THINK THAT BY DOING THIS WE ARE LEAKING THE LINK JUICE THEN THIS IS NOT BENEFICIAL AS OUR LINK JUICE WILL GET WASTED IF WE ARE DOING THIS ON OUR WEBSITE. The answer to this is , It is only beneficial to put No-follow tags on Outbound links or Do- follow links on only few External links and not the Internal links .Your website (Home page) also has some value in the eyes of Google If your website which has link to your About page , Contact page , Services page will be put as No-follow tags that will not increase the value of other pages of your website and link juice will get wasted. If you put Do-follow links for your internal links this will increase the equity of your Website as a whole.
  11. WHOM TO GIVE DO-FOLLOW LINKS WHOM TO GIVE NO-FOLLOW LINKS ·High ranked Websites like Wikipedia ·If you copy content (images , ideas etc.) from somewhere ·Websites that are popular in audiences. ·Lower ranked websites as compared to your website ·Spamming Websites ·Websites you do not want to promote.