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Research Note 2

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Research Note 2

  1. 1. Research Note #2<br /> Be assertive to get a pay rise<br />Who does not want a pay rise that too if it is justifiable? <br />More often than not the rise does not occur, as the employers try to suppress salary hike as far as possible. There are exceptions, where the company’s well established system act on the performance of its employees and without asking enhanced pay package is declared. Not all are fortunate to be there in those few companies, hence is become their headache to see that the company is listening to them.A recent survey of Temple University’s Fox School of Business in Philadelphia and George Mason University near Washington DC suggest that the employees have to negotiate with the management for pay rise and that should not just be a routine sort of thing. One needs to pursue the matter sincerely and with firm mind that must be equipped with well pre-planned strategy, disclose the study. The ‘No’ is a common reaction of the authority and that must be countered with valid point’s thoughts before hands. Determined workers with strong belief that they are supposed to be paid more than what they are getting are generally do not accept a simple ‘No’ and take up the matter forward with negotiation. These are the people who win in the end. Others lag behind without persuasion. At the time of interview and annual appraisal the workers get the best opportunity to bring in the subject of salary and persuade the same till the matter is resolved. The study has cited an example with figures that is really encouraging. Active persuasion lead to an increase of dollars 5000 per year, which is a substantial amount looking at the long term benefit of the employees. <br />According to professor Crustal Harold, the study result indicates assertive strategies work in favor of the employees, reported the Daily Telegraph.First assess yourself in regards to your value in the market; when convinced, then take the route of persuasion with determination is the suggestion of Harold. Aggression is needed in persuading the authority in this respect, but one has keep in mind that at times aggressiveness could backfire, she cautioned. Yet, she believes that those with assertiveness have the better chance to be successful than others.The detail of the study can be found in the Journal of Organizational Behavior<br />