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Sam's Club Shopper Study - Memorial Day & Summer SheSpeaks 2018

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SheSpeaks surveyed thousands of verified Sam's Club Shoppers to better understand their Memorial Day & Summer shopping needs.

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Sam's Club Shopper Study - Memorial Day & Summer SheSpeaks 2018

  1. 1. Sam’s Club Shopper Food, Café & Wipes Study Missy Tiller | missy.tiller@shespeaks.com 479.601.1262
  2. 2. SheSpeaks Walmart & Sam’s Shopper Communities 30,000 INFLUENCERS 150MM Reach Shopper Influencer Example
  3. 3. Sam’s Club Food, Café & Wipes Survey SheSpeaks surveyed Sam’s Club shopper influencers on March 12th and 13th 2018 to better understand their shopping habits related to food, Café and wipes. We were interested in learning more about how Sam’s Club shoppers were approaching these purchases. Following are high-level findings and data from the study.
  4. 4. 21% 41% 44% 47% 56% 60% N/A NONE OF THE ABOVE PARTY TRAYS HOT AND READY PIZZA IN THE CAFÉ TAKE AND BAKE PIZZA CAFÉ (HAS HOT DOGS, FROZEN YOGURT, ETC.) FRESH HOME MEAL SOLUTIONS (E.G., ROTISSERIE CHICKEN, MEMBER'S MARK CHICKEN ALFREDO) Which of the following products have you shopped for at Sam’s Club? (Check all the apply) While most Sam’s Club shoppers have purchased a variety of food products from the list below, the most popular is the Fresh Home Meal Solutions
  5. 5. 11% 21% 13% 20% 8% 56% 50% 41% 41% 49% 33% 30% 46% 39% 43% Café (has hot dogs, frozen yogurt etc.) Fresh Home Meal Solutions (e.g.,rotisserie chicken, chicken alfredo) Party Trays Take and Bake Pizza Hot and Ready Pizza in the Café For each of the below items, for what type of use are you buying the following items? Stocking Up Your Pantry Immediate Use N/A/Don’t Buy Not surprisingly, most shoppers buy the below items for immediate use.
  6. 6. 27% 17% 3% 1% 32% What keeps you from buying these items more often or at all? Café (has hot dogs, frozen yogurt etc.) Price Selection Taste Size/Quantity Nutritional Value Nutritional value is the most cited reason for not purchasing more often from the Cafe.
  7. 7. 31% 26% 11% 18% 15% What keeps you from buying these items more often or at all? Home Meal Solutions (e.g., rotisserie chicken, chicken alfredo) Price Selection Taste Size/Quantity Nutritional Value While Price is cited as the top reason for not purchasing Home Meal Solutions, a close 2nd is Selection.
  8. 8. 37% 18% 10% 22% 13% What keeps you from buying these items more often or at all? Party Trays Price Selection Taste Size/Quantity Nutritional Value Price and Size/Quantity are top reasons cited for not purchasing Party Trays more often.
  9. 9. 26% 19% 14% 17% 24% What keeps you from buying these items more often or at all? Take and Bake Pizza Price Selection Taste Size/Quantity Nutritional Value Price and Nutritional Value are top reasons cited for not purchasing Take and Bake Pizza more often.
  10. 10. 27% 19% 15% 11% 29% What keeps you from buying these items more often or at all? Hot and Ready Pizza in the Café Price Selection Taste Size/Quantity Nutritional Value Nutritional Value is the top reason that shoppers cite for not buying Hot and Ready Pizza in the Café more often.
  11. 11. Shoppers cite taste, convenience and price as favorite elements of the Café/Hot Ready Pizza experience. What is your favorite part of the shopping experience in the Café/Hot Ready Pizza? I love the variety of sodas; the super-affordable prices; and the tasty meals! Food is delish and prices are awesome. My kids love the pizza. I buy at the cafe mostly for instant use or to stock up my pantry. Spring is here and guests will be more and sudden visits are more too. Pretzels and a soda are our favorite after shopping treat! Quick and easy lunch options. The pizza is delicious! Being able to get food fast so that I don't have to cook and they are easy meal solutions The price is cheap and the quality is good. It's also quick and convenient. The snacks are very good quality, and it's a very convenient way to keep the kids happy. Quick and easy sodas from the fountains! being able to scan a cup at the checkouts and grabbing your drink right away.
  12. 12. Shoppers cite variety and other items as potential improvement for Café/Hot Ready Pizza. What suggestions do you have for Sam's Club to improve the Café items (hot dogs, frozen yogurt etc.) or Hot and Ready Pizza in the Cafe? Healthier food and Stock more varieties. More snack selections, better to-go packaging for snacks Gluten free options Clean Tables and keep the quality good. Healthier options instead of what is sold. Would be great if I could order on phone while shopping then get a text when it is ready. Offer greater selection of healthier options like salads and wraps More items please and more varieties of pizza or at least calzones More staff to make the line shorter Maybe a better quality hot dog like Hebrew National and bring back the blue icees!
  13. 13. Shoppers cite convenience as favorite part of shopping experience for items listed below. What is your favorite part of the shopping experience for Fresh Home Meal Solutions, Take and Bake and Party Trays? We use the Take and Bake Pizza home and it's wonderful. We have been doing this for many years. The variety of trays helps for group parties and functions Everything is delicious and very affordable for a family on a budget. And it's easy to pick up and take home for dinner. It's easy to have dinner ready. I love that the meals are already prepared for you! It makes weekend cooking with the kids so much easier if I can just pop a fresh pizza in the oven or carve an already cooked rotisserie chicken! With the fresh home meal selections being able to get a fresh meal without the planning is great. I love the party trays because its so much less work when I’m entertaining.
  14. 14. Shoppers cite selection/variety as key opportunity for improvement for the items listed below. What suggestions do you have for Sam's Club to improve the shopping experience related to Home Meal Solutions, Party Trays and/or Take and Bake Pizza? Maybe have different seasonal pizza types? The same old flavors get old after a while, so we don't buy them as often as we would if there were fresh new flavor every so often. I'd like to see more meal solutions. We love the rotisserie chicken but I'd like to see more flavor options, and more ready-to-eat or -pop-in-the-oven meals. Lower prices on party trays and home meal solutions. Offer more flavors for Take and Bake and also the pizza needs to be sealed in plastic or something to keep it fresh. The last few pizzas I've bought were open in the box and the crust and cheese were hard and stale. Stock more rotisserie chicken, offer more sizes of home meals & more selection and size options for party trays
  15. 15. 17% 24% 59% Shop online with Home Delivery Shop online but Pickup in store I do not shop Sam's Club online When you shop Sam’s Club online, how are you most likely to request your order? The majority of shoppers do not shop Sam’s Club online. Those who do are more likely to shop online and pick up in store.
  16. 16. 51% 35% 25% 20% Do you use any of the following digital tools while at Sam’s Club? (check all that apply) I do not use digital tools while at Sam's Club Instant Savings information Scan and Go Online member reviews Instant Savings Tools are cited as the most used digital tool at Sam’s Club.
  17. 17. 18% 82% No Yes Do you currently use wet wipes? The majority of shoppers report current usage of wet wipes.
  18. 18. Wet Ones Clorox Store Brand Kleenex Cottonelle Other I don’t use wet wipes in this way Use them in kitchen/bathroom 7% 42% 13% 7% 14% 4% 13% Take them to work 16% 16% 6% 7% 5% 2% 47% Put them in the diaper bag/stroller 14% 7% 6% 5% 5% 7% 55% Packed in child's lunchbox/ backpack 13% 5% 3% 5% 4% 4% 67% Take on picnics 25% 11% 12% 8% 7% 6% 31% Take on other family outings e.g., zoo, amusement parks, camping 26% 13% 13% 8% 7% 6% 26% Keep them in car 27% 14% 14% 10% 7% 6% 23% Keep in the children's playroom 11% 12% 5% 6% 3% 5% 59% Put some in the garage 6% 18% 5% 4% 5% 2% 60% I don’t use this brand of wet wipes 11% 8% 12% 20% 16% 15% 18% The majority of shoppers use Clorox & Wet One but for different purposes. Clorox is used for cleaning and Wet Ones are used to wipe hands etc.
  19. 19. Who They Are
  20. 20. Sam’s Club 2018 Shopper Outlook Study Fielded December 2017
  21. 21. Why She Shops @ Sam’s Club? “They carry products I love at great prices in bulk and I can receive cash rewards for purchases.” “It is close to home, we have 5 children and we need a lot of food. The kids also like to have lunch and try samples while we are there.” “For some items it ends up being a great deal if I stock up on something more than I usually would, so it makes me feel like a smart shopper.” “They have great deals and I can stock up on things that I need. I also like being able to get products that are sold exclusively at Sam's.”
  22. 22. What We Know At Sam’s Club, what is the top reason you purchase an item?
  23. 23. What We Know Which of these factors are likely to positively impact your purchase decisions in 2018? (Check all that apply) 80% 77% 57% 45% 28% 19% 2% Price Good experience with product/service Positive online product review Friend recommendation Positive recommendation from someone I follow on social media Cause or charity tied to the brand Celeberty in advertising
  24. 24. What We Know While 92% of shoppers are active on at least two social platforms, relatively few are connecting with Sam’s Club on social
  25. 25. What We Know
  26. 26. What We Know 88% 50% 44% 44% 40% 31% Value Exclusive Items Convenience Pack Size Quality Assortment What are the top reasons that you shop at Sam's Club? 7% 22% 26% 27% 18% How often do you shop at Sam’s Club? Two or more times per week Once per week Twice per month Once per month
  27. 27. What We Know In aisle mobile and dot.com search for product reviews are significant to purchase decisions
  28. 28. What We Know 4 out of 5 of the top categories purchased at Sam’s are Grocery, with Dry goods being 64%
  29. 29. What We Know Sam’s Club shoppers are still using lists, and the majority have over 6 items – Pre-shop matters Almost half of Sam’s Club shoppers say 75% of what they buy is on a list!
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  32. 32. Thank You! Missy Tiller 479.601.1262 Missy.Tiller@SheSpeaks.com