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1st qtr 10 making a story grammar to remember detail

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1st qtr 10 making a story grammar to remember detail

  1. 1. Making a Story Grammar to Remember Detail ENGLISHV
  2. 2. Review What reference materials can be found in the library?
  3. 3. Checking of Assignment Answer in Activity 7 on page 24 of ReadingTextbook. Words Pronunciation Common Usage Meaning adept adept bore bore close close deliberate deliberate elder elder ə’dept ə’dept ‘bὀr ‘bō(ə)r ‘klōs ‘klōz dӛ’lib(ә)rət dӛlibәrāt ‘eldә(r) ‘eldә(r) adj. n. v. n. adv. v. adj. v. adj. n. highly skilled an expert to make a hole a tidal wave near to cover the opening slow and careful to discuss of greater age a dark purple shrub
  4. 4. Motivation Get yourself a partner. Position yourselves in a way that one of the pair will not see the screen.The other will look at the photo that the teacher will flash on the screen. One member of the pair will tell his/her partner what was on the photo. His/her partner will then draw on the paper what his partner tells him/her, without looking at it.
  5. 5. Motivation
  6. 6. Unlocking of Difficulties 1. vast – very great or big in size 2. possession - ownership 3. lover – persons in love 4. bridge – a structure carrying a pathway or a roadway over a depression or obstacle 5. minister – servant or agent 6. smitten - attracted
  7. 7. Presentation Today we are going to read silently. Study the story about the bridge of love in the Milky Way. Remember the standards for silent reading.
  8. 8. The Bridge of Love Have you ever looked into the night sky? Have you noticed a broadband of brightness across the entire sky? This band of stars is called the Milky Way. It contains over 100 billion stars including our sun. The Chinese say that if you look into the night sky on the seventh month in the Chinese calendar, you will see this bridge of stars very clearly.
  9. 9. The Bridge of Love
  10. 10. The Bridge of Love A long time ago, there lived a king in the Land of Stars. He was powerful. He was the mightiest ruler in the vast expanse of the skies. But the Land of Stars was not his important treasure. His most precious possession was his own daughter.
  11. 11. The Bridge of Love The princess was beautiful and hardworking, loving and obedient to her father. And she did one thing nobody else could do. She could weave clouds on her loom every day. The clouds covered the sky and gave shelter to the people from the hot sun.
  12. 12. The Bridge of Love It came to pass that a handsome prince from a neighboring space kingdom visited the king. He was smitten by the princess’ beauty. He saw how respectful and obedient the princess was to her father. They fell in love with each other.
  13. 13. The Bridge of Love The Prince asked the Princess’s hand in marriage. The King agreed on one condition. The princess must continue weaving clouds even after her marriage. And the Prince agreed.
  14. 14. The Bridge of Love But the young lovers forgot their promise. The Princess spent days gathering heavenly flowers. She would dress herself with jewels of all kinds. The Prince enjoyed the company of his beautiful bride. They would play, travel, and enjoy food and music all day long. The Prince left his kingdom to his ministers. He spent all his time with his princess. And the Princess never wove clouds on her loom.
  15. 15. The King was very angry. There were no more clouds to protect the people from the sun’s bright rays. People died from heat. There were no rains that watered the earth. Crops and animals died. With one wave of his hand, the King separated the lovers. He sent the prince to the northern skies. He sent the princess to the southern skies. The River of Stars separated them. The lovers were very, very, very sad. They cried all hours of the day and flooded the earth with their cries.
  16. 16. The Bridge of Love The magpies, a kind of bird, pitied the lovers. On the seventh month in the Chinese calendar, all magpies in the world formed a bridge over the river.
  17. 17. The Bridge of Love The lovers would meet and all the stars in the sky twinkled their brightness as the lovers enjoyed each other’s company. -The End -
  18. 18. Discussion & Analysis 1. How did the story open? a. It introduced at once the characters in the story. b. It gave a background information about the “bridge of stars” c. It gave an exact time when the story happened. d. It gave the names of the characters in the story.
  19. 19. Discussion & Analysis 2.What characters does the story have? a. Human characters with specific names. b. Unnamed human characters. c. Particular human and animal characters d. Unnamed human and animal characters
  20. 20. Discussion & Analysis 3. Which phrase names the setting of the story? a. vast expanse of the skies b. bridge of stars c. band of brightness across the skies d. the Land of the Stars
  21. 21. Discussion & Analysis 4.Why did the king become angry at the newly weds? a.The prince did nothing but enjoy the food and music with his bride. b.The princess gathered heavenly flowers. c.The Princess forgot to weave the clouds. d. All the above.
  22. 22. Discussion & Analysis 5. How did the king punish the newly weds? a. He took back the Princess to the Land of the Stars. b. He had the Prince killed by wild animals. c. He separated the newly weds with his magic wand. d. He had the marriage annulled
  23. 23. Values Integration • Based on the story grammar, why did the king get very angry with the prince and the princess? • Did the princess and the prince respect and obey their parents? • If you were the newly weds, would you obey and respect your parents? • What must you remember when you make promises?
  24. 24. Skill Focus Use the story grammar to remember the story details more easily. Story grammar includes: 1. Setting – tells the place and time when the story happened and the situation at the beginning. 2. Characters – are the people who act in the story. 3. Plot – tells the main event in the story. 4. Conclusion – the end of the story.
  25. 25. The Bridge of Love Setting Characters Events Time Setting Beginning Middle Ending
  26. 26. The Bridge of Love Setting Characters Events Time A long time ago Setting Vast expanse of the skies. King (mightiest ruler and the Princess’ father) Beginning The Prince and Princess fell in love with each other. The king permitted their marriage on a condition that the Princess will continue weaving clouds even after their marriage. Middle The Princess forgot her promise to her father and that angered the King. He separated the Prince and the Princess which made them very, very, very sad. Ending The magpies pitied the lovers and formed a bridge where they would meet and enjoy each other’s company. Princess ( beautiful and talented; she can weave clouds that protect the people from the hot sun) magpies (a kind of bird) Prince (from neighboring space kingdom)
  27. 27. Remember The essential part of a story are the following: 1. Setting, time and place where the story happened. 2. Characters or the persons involved in the story. 3. Plot which tells the main event. 4. Climax – the highest point of interest or suspense in the story. 5. Ending or resolution of the story.
  28. 28. Application Form five groups and let each group choose one story which they have read. Present the details of that story through the semantic web. Title Setting Plot Characters Conclusion
  29. 29. Assignment Day 1 Finish the activity at home.
  30. 30. Evaluation Read the short story and answer the questions that follow. MindYour Own Business There was once a girl who wouldn’t mind her own business, but loved to poke her nose into everyone else’s! She really was most tiresome.
  31. 31. “You don’t do this right,” she would say to other children. “You don’t do that right!” And she would alter what they had done and make them very angry. She would even make herself a nuisance to her teacher. “You’ve put that notice up about homework, Miss Brown. Oh, Miss Brown, wouldn’t it be better if we had painting on Thursday instead of Wednesday, then we’d have more time?”
  32. 32. “Katie, when I want you to run my school for me I’ll tell you!” Miss Brown would say. “When will you learn to mind your own business?” “Katie always pokes her nose into everything,” said William. “When my mother sent you a note yesterday, Miss Brown, Katie opened it and read it before you did.”
  33. 33. “Don’t tell tales,” said Katie at once. “Miss Brown, you don’t like tale tellers, do you? You always say you don’t. Well, wouldn’t you scold William?” “I don’t like tale tellers, it’s true,” said Miss Brown. “But I dislike even more little girls who open notes meant for other people, Katie. One day you’ll get into serious trouble for interfering.”
  34. 34. Katie was in her worst interfering mood one day. She had told her mother that the flowers in the vase were not arranged at all nicely, and she had arranged them all over again. She told her father that there was a button loose on his mackintosh, and why didn’t he remember to get it sewn tightly?
  35. 35. She had made the cook very angry because she had gone into the kitchen to watch a cake being made, and had felt certain she could do it better. So she had done a little mixing herself, and had upset the bowl of flour, milk, sugar, and eggs all over the table. She just can’t help poking her nose into everything,” grumbled the cook. “Somebody has got to do something about her!”
  36. 36. A. Choose the letter of the correct answer. 1.What is the name of the main character in the story? a. Miss Brown c.William b. Katie d. the cook 2.What did Katie do withWilliam’s mother’s note for Miss Brown? a. threw the note c. a and b only b. tore the note d. opened the note
  37. 37. 3.What were the three worst acts Katie did? a. Changed the flower arrangement, loosened the button of his father’s mackintosh, and did a little mixing of the butter the cook is preparing. b.Told tales to her teacher, quarreled with William, and opened the notes for Miss Brown. c. Argued with her teacher, did things that made her classmates angry and argue with William’s mother. d. All of the above.
  38. 38. 4. Choose the exact word that describes Katie inside her classroom. a. behaved b. tiresome c. nuisance d. quarrelsome
  39. 39. 5.What did Miss Brown tell Katie for not minding her own business? a. One day you’ll get punished. b. One day you’ll get into serious trouble. c. Someday no one will ever like you anymore. d.You will regret your misbehavior.
  40. 40. Assignment Day 2 Choose one fairy tale story which you have read. Present the details of that story through the activity worksheet.