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Newspaper parts

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Hi!! Guys!!!!!
I'm a student of Rizal National Science High School..
Nice to meet you all!!
Labyah, Guys!! <3><3 :-)

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Newspaper parts

  1. 1. Front Page Editorial Page Sports Page Special Features
  2. 2. Local News Foreign News Dateline News Weather News Index Other Things Found in the Front Page
  3. 3. News that takes place within the country.
  4. 4. News that takes place outside the country.
  5. 5. An out-of-town news story. It is introduced by a dateline which states the place from which the story was reported, the date, and the source of the material if not written by the local staff.
  6. 6. Usually a boxed forecast of the area, sometimes a temperature, wind directions and velocities.
  7. 7. A slug line indicating an important inside page story and the page where it is found.
  8. 8. Nameplate Ears Banner Running Head Headline Deck Lead News Story Columns Column Rule Fold Byline Box Cut Cutline Kicker Credit Line
  9. 9. The engraved or printed name of the newspaper.
  10. 10. The little boxes on either side of the nameplate.
  11. 11. The principal headline bearing the boldest and biggest type. It is the title of the most important news of the day which is called banner news.
  12. 12. A head made up of two or more lines.
  13. 13. The title of any news story. The word headline is used only for titles of news stories, thus the various rules for writing it.
  14. 14. A subordinate headline placed immediately below its mother headline, also known as bank or readout.
  15. 15. The beginning of a news story. It may be a word, a group of words, a sentence, or even a paragraph.
  16. 16. The whole story of an event composed of the lead and the text which is the elaboration of the lead.
  17. 17. The horizontal division into parts of a newspaper.
  18. 18. The vertical line that divides the page into columns. Most pages of newspaper are divided into columns by a space usually one em wide. This space is called the sunken rule.
  19. 19. The imaginary horizontal line that divides the newspaper equally into two parts.
  20. 20. The signature of a reporter preceding a news feature as By Warren Cruz.
  21. 21. News materials enclosed by line rules.
  22. 22. A metal plate bearing a newspaper’s illustration, also known as cliché.
  23. 23. The text accompanying photos and other art work, better known as caption. If written above the photo just like a slugline, it is called overline.
  24. 24. A tagline placed above but smaller than a headline, also known as teaser. If is bigger than the headline, it is called hammer.
  25. 25. A line giving the source of the story or illustration as reprinted from the “ Manila Times” or Photo by MPI.
  26. 26. Consists of the page number, date of publication, and name of the newspaper usually written on top of the page. This is also found in the other pages.
  27. 27. The editorial box containing the logo, names of the staff members and position in the staff, subscription rate, the publisher and other pertinent data about the newspaper. A logo (a shorter word for logotype) is a cut which contains an identifying word or words, such as the name of the newspaper r of a section.
  28. 28. Commentary written by any of the editors who comments or gives the opinion of the staff or of the whole paper on various subjects. It is the stand of the paper.
  29. 29. A personal opinion written by the columnist himself. Like the editorial proper, it may attack, teach, entertain, or appeal depending upon its purpose.
  30. 30. Usually a caricature emphasizing a simple point. Usually humorous, it has the editorial. Standing by itself, it is not a complement of the editorial proper.
  31. 31. A short statement or quoted sayings placed at the end of editorial columns or editorial to drive home some messages.
  32. 32. A letter sent in by the reader giving his personal views on certain aspects.
  33. 33. Sports stories are classified as news stories, therefore, what may be found in the news page may also be found in the sports section. Other things that may be found in the sports section are the sports commentaries and sports features.
  34. 34. The modern newspaper has taken some special features and eliminated some which have become irrelevant to the needs of the times. An example of this was the society page.
  35. 35. On a long bond, clip news of the following types: 1. foreign 2. Local 3. Dateline 4. Weather Include the name of the broadsheet you used as reference