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Canteen accomplishment report

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Canteen accomplishment report

  1. 1. RNHS School Managed Canteen Accomplishment Report S/Y 2013-2014 The RNHS School Managed Canteen is still existing and surviving inspite of too many competencies and problems. As of now, there are thirty nine teachers contributed voluntarily. Among the thirty nine members, fifteen of them havefive shares, 3 have4 shares, 3 have3 shares, 11 havetwo shares and the rest haveone sharewith a total of 125 shares. The income derived fromthe operation of canteen wereutilized for the supplementary feeding programfor undernourished student, schoolclinic fund, studentdevelopment fund, revolving capital, the construction of new store and the extension of dirty kitchen. Earnings and cash received fromcanteen operation weredeposited weekly in Sta. Elena RuralBank. Indigentstudents werebenefited by giving them free lunch and for their transportation fromschoolback to their home. These students wereallowed to work in the canteen outside their regular class schedule. Eight canteen workers including practicumstudents wereundergone training on prayers and safehandling of food and they wererequired to wear clean and proper attire at all times. Nutrients rich foods weresold in the school cafeteria and stores. For the purposeof the transparency and accountability, canteen funds wereaudited by Miss Imelda Q. Singson, member and Mathematics teacher of RNHS. Canteen Operation prospered that’s why thedividends weregiven the members and the new storewas opened to give good services to our students. The final result of this canteen operation is very good. Prepared by: SHEILA V. JUNSAY CANTEEN MANAGER