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CFP - 1st Workshop on “AI Meets Blockchain”

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Please check out the workshop "AI meets Blockchain" at HIPC 2018, in Bangalore: http://hipc.org/ai-blockchain/

HIPC is a premier conference and hence getting a paper accepted in HIPC workshop would be quite an accomplishment for any blockchain/AI enthusiast. Check out the details in this poster on submissions.

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CFP - 1st Workshop on “AI Meets Blockchain”

  1. 1. 1st Workshop on “AI Meets Blockchain” http://hipc.org/ai-blockchain/ Call for Papers Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain have been making rapid technological advances independently. As these two technologies mature and become part of real life deployments, research focus is turning to synergizing these two technologies for novel applications and addressing the short comings of each of these individual technologies. Due to the risks associated with centralized AI, decentralized blockchain mechanism is being leveraged, for data and model sharing across non-trusted entities to enable truly autonomous AI. Blockchain is seen as the way forward to establish provenance on training/testing data & models and to improve the trustworthiness of the data & models in AI deployments. AI systems are turning to blockchain’s verifiability and transparency capabilities to ensure clear and transparent audit trails for data sources and models. Recent advances in AI such as federated learning, algorithms for fairness in AI decision making are adding momentum to this synergy of AI and blockchain. Monetization of data and models are getting facilitated by the emergence of AI marketplaces leading to true decentralization of AI. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and smart contracts facilitate machine to machine AI interactions, leading to truly autonomous AI. We invite papers focusing on the synergy between AI and block chain. Topics of interest include but not limited to the following:  Using decentralized blockchain for data sharing of AI applications  Blockchain based data management systems for AI/Analytics.  Leveraging AI for addressing energy consumption issues in blockchain  Model sharing and AI Marketplaces using blockchain  Smart contracts for AI  Federated Machine Learning  Traceable Machine Learning using blockchain  Homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation  Challenges in AI-Blockchain synergy  Decentralized Autonomous Organizations & AI  Novel applications of AI and Blockchain synergy Submitted papers can be of any of the following types: 1. Regular Research Papers: These papers should report original research results. They should be at most eight pages. 2. Application Papers. These papers will present novel applications focussing on the synergy of AI and blockchain. They should be at most eight pages. 3. Position Papers. The extended abstracts will present novel research directions or identify challenging problems. They should be at most eight pages. 4. Case Studies. The extended abstracts will present case studies from real-life experiences of developing/deploying AI-Blockchain applications and/or challenges/issues faced. They should be at most eight pages.
  2. 2. All submissions should be in PDF format and made through the Easychair submission site set up for this workshop: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=aimb2018 Submitted manuscripts should be structured as per the submission guidelines given for the main conference. Papers will undergo a rigorous review by the Program Committee consisting of experts from AI, data science, blockchain communities. Please note that the review process is “single-blind” (i.e., authors can list their names on the paper). All papers need to be original previously unpublished work. At least one author from each accepted paper must register for the conference and present the paper in order for the paper to be included in the conference proceedings. Important Dates  Workshop papers deadline: 9th Sep 2018  Workshop papers notification: 26th Sep 2018  Workshop papers camera ready: 3rd Oct 2018  Workshop: 17th Dec 2018 Organizing Committee (email: aimb2018@gmail.com)  Archana Ramakrishnan. Conduent Labs India  Sandya Mannarswamy, Conduent Labs India Program Committee Members  Vedire, Ritheesh, Conduent Labs  Manamohan Satyanarayanan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise  Krishnaprasad Narayanan, Conduent Labs  Dinkar Sitaram, PES University  Krupa Bhathia, Conduent Labs  Shourya Roy, American Express  Manjira Sinha, Accenture  Ashwini Marathe, Conduent Labs  Pankaj Dayama, IBM Research  Neeta Pande, Morgan Stanley  Suparna Bhattacharya, HPE  Praphul Chandra, Koin Earth