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  1. 1. First Announcement Abstract submission deadline : May 9, 2010 • Early registration deadline: June 14, 2010 Online registration, abstracts submission and hotel reservation available on the website: www.iua-eurochap2010.eu
  2. 2. WElCOmE ADDREss Dear Colleagues, It is a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the forthcoming 19th Eurochap meeting of the International Union of Angiology, which will be held in Paris, in September 2010. On this occasion, vascular physicians, vascular surgeons, health professionals and scientists interested in vascular diseases from all over Europe and abroad will meet to share the progress of the vascular science and the development of new techniques and procedures. Symposia on diagnostic and therapeutic innovations will combine with state of the art sessions and high level interactive postgraduate courses where the scientist and the clinician, the senior expert and the junior investigator will build together a comprehensive and stimulating view of the vascular world, a world working hard for the improvement of the health and life of the patients suffering from arterial, venous, lymphatic or microvascular diseases. This special event will take place in the Maison de la Chimie, in the historical center of Paris, nearby the Seine river, and will be followed by the 9th World Congress for Microcirculation; the 9th Annual Congress of the Société Française de Médecine Vasculaire will also be held in Paris simultaneously: a whole vascular week and a unique occasion to enjoy the cultural wealth of Paris. We look forward to welcome you in Paris for a meeting that will be a very special and memorable event for the vascular world. For the Organizing Committee, Professor Patrick Carpentier, President ORGAnIzInG COmmITTEE INTERNATIONAL UNION OF ANGIOLOGY LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE BOARD Honorary President: P. BAlAs (Greece) Patrick CARPEnTIER (IUA), President President: E. BAsTOUnIs (Greece) François-André AllAERT (sFA) President Elect: R. sImkIn (Argentina) Christian BOIssIER (IUA) Immediate Past President: michèle CAzAUBOn (sFA) J. FERnAnDEs E FERnAnDEs (Portugal) nabil CHAkFE (sCVlF) Secretary General: P. CARPEnTIER (France) Fabien kOskAs (sCVlF) Associate Secretary General: A. JAWIEn (Poland) Philippe nICOlInI (sCVlF) Treasurer General: n. AnGElIDEs (Cyprus) Gilles PERnOD (sFmV) Associate Treasurer General: F. sPInEllI (Italy) Pascal PRIOllET (CFPV) Isabelle QUéRé (sFmV) EUROPEAn CHAPTER michel VAyssAIRAT (CFPV) Vice President: J. BElCH (Uk) Chapter Secretary: P.l. AnTIGnAnI (Italy) www.i.u.angiology.org
  3. 3. ABsTRACT sUBmIssIOn Deadline for abstract submission: May 9, 2010 Abstracts must be submitted on-line: www.iua-eurochap2010.eu sCIEnTIFIC PROGRAmmE The scientific programme covers the whole spectrum of listed vascular topics, combining: - 15 lectures from top vascular scientists and clinicians, - 18 symposia organized by National Societies or other scientific groups, - oral free communications and posters, - a large interactive postgraduate course, - and a forum of vascular initiatives. COnTInUInG mEDICAl EDUCATIOn - EACCmE The congress will be submitted to the European Union of medical specialists for accreditation. TOPICs  Aortic aneurysms  Peripheral arterial disease  Cerebrovascular disease  Atherosclerosis  Vascular disease in the diabetic patient  Vascular disease in the endstage renal patient  Progress in vascular imaging  Venous thromboembolic disease  Post-thrombotic syndrome  Chronic venous disorders  Varicose veins  lymphedema  Vascular malformations  Vascular entrapment syndromes  Vascular trauma  Arteritis, vasculitis, connective-vascular diseases, Raynaud phenomenon  Vascular orphan diseases  Anticoagulants  Anti-platelet agents  Thrombolytic treatment  symptomatic drug treatments  Compression therapy  Rehabilitation of the vascular patient  Therapeutic education of the vascular patient  The socio-economic burden of vascular diseases  Vascular centers  Telematics and robotics  Teaching and educational programs in angiology
  4. 4. On-lInE REGIsTRATIOn To participate to the 19th EuroChap, participants are kindly requested to register in advance. you can register on-line www.iua-eurochap2010.eu or download and print the registration form. Fill in and return the form by fax or regular mail to the congress secretariat. 19th Eurochap: Registration fees Before June 14th, 2010 After June 14th, 2010 IUA Member 3 days registration 425,00 € 525,00 € 1 day registration 150,00 € 200,00 € Non-Member 3 days registration 500,00 € 600,00 € 1 day registration 200,00 € 260,00 € Reduced Rates* 3 days registration 180,00 € 220,00 € 1 day registration 80,00 € 100,00 € *Students, Trainees, Nurses, Vascular technicians Registration fees include access to all scientific sessions and exhibition area, congress bag and documentation, certificate of attendance, welcome cocktail and coffee breaks. Special fares on EuroChap registration fees are offered to the participants of: - the 9th World Congress for Microcirculation (september 26 to 28), - the 9th Annual Congress of the “Société Française de Médecine Vasculaire” (september 23 to 25) EuroChap delegates can also register to the 9th World Congress for microcirculation benefiting of 50% discount on registration fees. more information on: www.iua-eurochap2010.eu ACCOmmODATIOn Hotel reservation is also available on the website of the congress: www.iua-eurochap2010.eu sOCIAl PROGRAmmE A Welcome cocktail will be held on Thursday 23 september, 2010 in the maison de la Chimie. A Gala dinner will be organized on saturday 25 september, 2010. D ATEs AnD VEnUE OF THE COnGREss 19th EuroChap september 24 to 26, 2010 maison de la Chimie 28, rue saint-Dominique 75007 Paris / France C OnGREss sECRETARIAT AIm Group - AIm FRAnCE sAs www.maisondelachimie.com 29-31, rue de l’Espérance 75013 Paris / France Phone: +33 (0)1 40 78 38 00 Fax: +33 (0)1 40 78 38 10 E-mail: eurochap2010@aimfrance.fr