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How my research helped me

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How my research helped me

  1. 1. How  did  my   research   help  me?  
  2. 2. Blog  task   How  it  would  help   my  with  my  final   product   How  did  I  apply  it  to   my  final  product   Images   Trailer  analysis  of  codes  and   conven6ons/how  does  the  trailer   start  -­‐  Ex6nc6on   -­‐  Include  suitable  codes  and   conven6ons   -­‐  Opening  of  the  trailer  is   effec6ve   -­‐  I  have  codes  and  conven6ons   in  my  trailer,  such  as  the  use   of  blood,  knife  and  dark   ligh6ng   -­‐  The  constant  change  between   the  two  scene  are  effec6ve   because  the  audience  would   wonder  what  is  going  on   Trailer  analysis  of  codes  and   conven6ons/  how  does  the   trailer  start  -­‐  Annabelle   -­‐  The  first  couple  of  shots  are   effec6ve   -­‐  The  first  shot  is  the  killer  and   her  daughter  walking  and  the   next  is  the  killer  walking  by   herself.  This  is  effec6ve  because   the  audiences  would  wonder   what  is  going  on.   Trailer  analysis  of  codes  and   conven6ons/how  does  the  trailer   start  -­‐  Unfriended   -­‐  The  sound  (change  of    pace  and   volume)   -­‐The  volume  and  the  pace  of  the   sound  is  high  and  fast  when  the   audiences  see  the  killer  in  the   same  shot  as  the  vic6m  
  3. 3. Blog  task   How  it  would  help   my  with  my  final   product   How  did  I  apply  it  to   my  final  product   Images   Trailer  analysis  of  typography/ narra6ve  -­‐  Annabelle   -­‐  Some  texts  are  larger  in  size   -­‐  In  the  trailer,  there  is  not  a   variety  of  font  sizes  in  the   same  shot  but  the  text  sizes   are  different  according  to  the   amount  of  words  on  the   screen   Trailer  analysis  of  typography/ narra6ve  -­‐  Unfriended   -­‐  Make  sure  I  put  the  texts  in   the  correct  place  so  it  flows   with  the  shots   -­‐  The  text  ‘it  can  kill’  comes   before  the  three  killings  in  the   trailer,  which  is  appropriate  as   it  hints  what  will  happen     Trailer  analysis  of  typography/ narra6ve  -­‐  Ex6nc6on   -­‐  Specifically  choose  a  font  to   create  a  tense  atmosphere     -­‐  The  text  used  is  suitable  for   slasher  horror  because  the   font  used  is  distorted  so   creates  a  tense  atmosphere  
  4. 4. Blog  task   How  it  would  help   my  with  my  final   product   How  did  I  apply  it  to   my  final  product   Images   Trailer  analysis  of  the  enigma/ edi6ng  and  camera  -­‐  Ex6nc6on   -­‐  Make  sure  I  have  short  takes   -­‐  There  are  short  takes  at  the   start  when  we  see  the  killer  then   the  killer  with  her  daughter   Trailer  analysis  of  the  enigma/ edi6ng  and  camera  shots  -­‐   Unfriended   -­‐  Include  enigma   -­‐  The  trailer  creates  enigma   because  the  audiences  would   wonder  what  happened  to  the   daughter   Trailer  analysis  of  the  enigma/ edi6ng  and  camera  shots  -­‐   Annabelle   -­‐  Include  close  ups   -­‐  I  have  a  range  of  close  ups,  such   as  when  the  killer  grabs  on  to  her   daughter’s  arms  and  when  the   vic6m  falls  to  the  floor  
  5. 5. Blog  task   How  it  would   help  my  with  my   final  product   How  did  I  apply   it  to  my  final   product   Images   Notes   Trailer  analysis  of  sound/ target  audience  -­‐   Unfriended   -­‐  Change  the  volume  of   the  sound   -­‐  I  have  made  the  volume   of  the  sound  higher  when   the  audiences  see  the   killer  in  the  same  shot  as   the  vic6m   Trailer  analysis  of  sound/ target  audience  -­‐   Annabelle   -­‐  Decrease  the  volume  of   the  sound  when  there  is   dialogue   -­‐  When  the  two  vic6ms   are  speaking,  the  volume   of  the  sound  is  decreased   Trailer  Structure  -­‐  Lost   Time   -­‐  I  know  what  to   include  in  each   sec6on  of  the   opening,  build  up,   events  and  problem   -­‐  Introduce  character   and  establish  seTng   -­‐  Events  –  develop   character   -­‐  Opening  –   introduced  the  killer   and  her  daughter   -­‐  Events-­‐  I  showed   developed  of  the   killer  character  as   there  are  shots  when   the  character  is  calm   (walking  by  herself)   and  when  she  goes   mad  (stabbing  the   image)   -­‐  To  improve  I  could  have   included  an  establishing   shot  at  the  start  
  6. 6. Blog  task   How  it  would  help   my  with  my  final   product   How  did  I  apply  it  to   my  final  product   Images   Trailer  Conven6on  -­‐  Jessabelle   -­‐  I  would  know  what  conven6ons   to  use,  examples  include:  tense   music,  larger  size  font  and  ranges   of  shots   -­‐  There  is  tense  music  as  it   varies  between  volumes  and   paces   -­‐  The  font  size  does  not  vary   -­‐  There  are  ranges  of  shots,   including  close  up,  medium   shot,  long  shot  and  low   angle   Blood  Shed  High   -­‐  Include  suitable  conven6ons   -­‐  There  are  blood,  knife  and   tense  music,  which  are   conven6ons  of  horror   Poster  analysis  -­‐  Tales  of   Halloween   -­‐include  release  date   -­‐  Include  suitable  images   -­‐  There  is  the  release  date  at   the  boZom  of  the  poster   -­‐  The  image  is  appropriate   because  it  suits  the  genre,   horror  
  7. 7. Blog  task   How  it   would  help   my  with  my   final   product   How  did  I  apply  it  to  my  final   product   Images   Notes   Genre  -­‐   Burton's  genre   theory   -­‐  Include  the   key  elements   from   Burton’s   genre  theory     -­‐  Protagonist  –  the  killer  is  the  lead   character  in  my  media  product   -­‐  Stock  characters-­‐  the  vic6ms  and  the  the   killer’s  daughter   -­‐  Plots  and  stock  situa6ons  –  the  killings   were  predictable   -­‐  Icons  –  knife,  dark  ligh6ng   -­‐  Background  and  décor  –  low  key  ligh6ng   -­‐  Themes  –  young  and  old,  love  and  hate   Killers  -­‐   secondary   research   -­‐  Clear  image  of   what  my  killer   could  look  like   and  what   characteris6cs  I   could  use   -­‐  The  killer  is  aggressive   I  did  not  know   who  the  killer   would  be  at   the  start  so  I   did  not  know   what  the   person  would   look  like   Killers  -­‐   primary   research   -­‐  Use  different   props   -­‐  I  used  knife  and  black  clothes  (coat)