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Using microsoft flow in real world projects 2 years later and what's next

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my ESPC 2018 session in Copenhagen (level 200): doctor flow aka serge luca

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Using microsoft flow in real world projects 2 years later and what's next

  1. 1. Using Microsoft Flow in real world projects : 2.5 years later Serge Luca ShareQL
  2. 2. Conclusions Top 5 new features Patterns & Limitations Citizen Developer Agenda SharePoint Flow
  3. 3. Office Apps & services MVP Business Applications MVP O365 Architect @sergeluca ShareQL Brussels Office365 Flow Dev Architecture Bullshit Serge Luca aka “Doctor Flow”
  4. 4. Microsoft Flow & Citizen Developers
  5. 5. It occurs closer to where the problem exists. Where the people solving the problem, are closer to the problem.
  6. 6. Icing Forecast app
  7. 7. • Microsoft Flow team participated a 3 hour workshop • 80+ attendees from Energy Trading, HR, Operations, Supply Chain, Transformation Office and IT were in attendance • Microsoft spent 45 minutes introducing PowerApps • TransAlta then spent 15 minutes demonstrating some of the PowerApps that have been built. • Microsoft spent 45 minutes introducing Microsoft Flow • TransAlta then spent 15 minutes demonstrating some of the flows that have been built. • The attendees were split into cross- functional groups to generate ideas
  8. 8. The Results?  60+ ideas were identified as opportunities  15 ideas were added as transformation initiatives with owners and milestones defined  Within 2 months, of meeting SCM Contract process re-factored using Microsoft Flow as workflow engine.
  9. 9. Demo Excel & Flow Approval escalation Approval analytics Machine learning approvals
  10. 10. SharePoint Flow
  11. 11. SharePoint Connector updates Support for multi value columns New and improved file copy/move actions Create shareable links for files Send HTTP Request to SharePointLimit columns by view when working with lists and libraries Hub join actions
  12. 12. No set up required approval flow Personal reminder for a date column Require approval for items and docs in your flows Require approval for SharePoint pages Require approval for hub site associations Create your own flow from templates SharePoint Flow Integration
  13. 13. Request Sign-off
  14. 14. Content Approval
  15. 15. Page Approval Site owners create page approval flows Authors submit page for approval Seamless experience in SharePoint to approve and reject pages
  16. 16. Set a reminder
  17. 17. Join approval
  18. 18. SharePoint permissions
  19. 19. SharePoint Designer workflows Flow officially replaces SharePoint Designer workflows
  20. 20. Site associated workflows Folder creation, doc set, draft/versioning management, check- in/check-out Mobile app support
  21. 21. Patterns & Limitations
  22. 22. State machine controller patternNo State Machine No custom task forms Max 5,000 iterations in Do until Max 5,000 iterations in For each (100,000 in Plan 1) Loops Create nested flows250 actions/flow Flow Approval duration : 30 days Flow duration : 30 days No guest access No flow provisioning in SharePoint sites Each approval in a dedicated nested flow that calls itself after 29 days (see controller pattern)
  23. 23. Why State Machine ?
  24. 24. State Machine and > 30 days Approval controller Launcher flow Level 2 approval flowLevel 1 approval flow Level 3 approval flow escalate timeout approved rejected timeout approved rejected redirect timeout approved rejected escalate Normal flow Service flow
  25. 25. Demo State Machine Pattern
  26. 26. For more patterns…
  27. 27. Top 5 new Flow features
  28. 28. PowerQuery Flow Analytics Solutions Visio BPF
  29. 29. PowerQuery action
  30. 30. Flow analytics
  31. 31. Solutions
  32. 32. Flow and Visio
  33. 33. Business process Flow
  34. 34. Features in Flow not in Logic Apps Flow Mobile App Buttons Modern Approvals Environments Run as user Select a row Buit-in analytics Resource (SP list) owns the flow
  36. 36. Keep your forms Simple Trigger properties Accounts Management Environments Business logic in Flow In variables Owners : ADD Groups Connectors : Services Accounts (except personal flows) PowerShell Flow Management connector Use several DLP
  37. 37. Flow can complement PowerShell Manage Office 365 …Or run Powershell via Azure Automation runbooks/hybrid Webhooks in O365 compliance & audit logs And much much more… This is just the beginning !