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The human person and values

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The human person and values

  1. 1. The human person and values -s-
  2. 2. In life, the person is always... •-presented with different OPTIONS from which he makes CHOICES in accordance with his VALUES
  3. 3. His CHOICES.... •...reveals what he considers as the BEST OPTION among the givens depending upon his orientation
  4. 4. The OPTIONS... • Between GOODand BAD • Between two or more GOODs
  5. 5. it is far easier …. • If the choice is between a GOOD and a BAD thing… • For example between staying healthy and becoming sick….
  6. 6. But it becomes really difficult • When the options are both good: • For example: reviewing your lessons and watching the NBA Finals….
  7. 7. To help us decide during these situations •We need to clarify our values
  8. 8. What are values? •They are what we consider as good, desirable and worth keeping or pursuing.
  9. 9. Examples of values… • health • Education • Work • Friends • Family members • Etc….
  10. 10. However, not all values are the same in weight • Some values are more valuable than the others… • There is an objective arrangement or hierarchy of values
  11. 11. Hierarchy of values...
  12. 12. POLITICS Prof. Hornedo: 3 types of goods ECONOMICS MONASTICS
  13. 13. Monastics: •Mono- one; the individual •goods that when satisfied, promote the welfare of the individual...
  14. 14. Economics •Oikos- home, family •Goods that when satisfied, promote the welfare of the family
  15. 15. Politics •Polis, - city; society •Goods that when satisfied, promote the welfare of society
  16. 16. Question: •Between the self, family and society, which do you think should be given priority?
  17. 17. Max Scheler: hierarchy of values HOLY @ UNHOLY (God) SPIRITUAL(Moral) VITAL (LIFE/SUCCESS) SENSORY (PLEASURE)
  18. 18. SENSORY: • Values that cater to the senses • Pleasurable or unpleasurable? • Sweet or bitter?
  19. 19. Vital •Values that pertain to : Life or death? •Health or sickness? •Success or failure?
  20. 20. Spiritual: •Values that pertain to: Moral or immoral? •Ethical or unethical? •Justice or injustice?
  21. 21. Holy and unholy: •Values that pertain to: •Belief or unbelief? •God or other?
  22. 22. For Max Scheler… •A lower value can be sacrificed for a higher value…..
  23. 23. Conflict of values
  24. 24. •I want to take up engineering but my parents want me to become a nurse...
  26. 26. •My parents want me to send my brother first to school, but my girlfriend and I have plans to get married this year...
  27. 27. • I want to go abroad so I can fulfill my dream to go to another country and earn more for my family, but in the process, I will leave the poor community I am currently serving...
  28. 28. •I want to watch my favorite soap opera but tomorrow will be my examinations in Physics and Algebra....
  29. 29. • I love eating cake, ice cream and other sweet food ; then my doctor told me that I am diabetic...
  30. 30. •My cousin is running for mayor in our place, but I know him to be very corrupt and a murderer...
  31. 31. •I want to finish my studies, so my neighbour offers to shoulder my expenses provided I become his mistress...