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Driving SEO traffic to casino sites in 2021 (IGB Affiliate Amsterdam)


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Driving SEO traffic to casino sites in 2021 (IGB Affiliate Amsterdam)

  1. 1. Driving SEO traffic to casino sites in 2021 Victor Karpenko SeoProfy
  2. 2. Table of contents Reality in 2021 Why Data Driven SEO always wins Ways to get Quick SEO Wins How to setup the Right SEO Team Protection from Negative SEO Why everyone invests in SEO Teams
  3. 3. Short BIO • 15 years in SEO • 5+ years in iGaming Niche • CEO in SeoProfy – 150+ employees' company that focuses only on SEO traffic for clients • Product owner in LinkChecker.PRO – SaaS tool for effective link building
  4. 4. So, what's the reality right now for most of the GEO’s?
  5. 5. Links • Main pages • PBN’s • Outreach (paid, not paid) • Free link types • Link assets (tools, content researches, etc) From:
  6. 6. Links from Main Pages
  7. 7. Why do people place links on Main Pages? It works, because of the trust It’s super easy Everyone does it
  8. 8. These type of links pass the link juice
  9. 9. Something new? Nope It was like this from Google Open Page Rank era, it’s still here
  10. 10. Where is the logic here? 1. We take top web sites 2. Go to Ahrefs/Majestic/SemRush 3. Analyze backlinks 4. Copy the easiest ones 5. It started to work So why not? Right?
  11. 11. It’s all about the right traffic and FTD here
  12. 12. PBN’s 2016–2019 Not that many people use them 2021 Almost everyone uses them in their SEO strategy
  13. 13. Why? You can hide links from competitors, so they don’t know They are only yours, no one can be neighbor You can scale it easy
  14. 14. Main problem today – good domains for PBNs Clearly not enough for everyone  The cost went up (because of the domains and content)
  15. 15. Just look at the Japanese TOP
  16. 16. Facts in Japan Not enough local domains Outreach, something not realistic to scale PBN’s like outreach Everyone has them You need 100-500+ PBNs to rank in TOP 10 for main money keywords
  17. 17. Funny fact Create PBN in Japan 1 Leave your/or top competitor’s web site link there 2 Leave contact form 3 Wait until everyone will buy links nearby :-) on this PBN 4
  18. 18. Outreach Everyone does this Free or paid Nothing new
  19. 19. Free link types
  20. 20. For example
  21. 21. Or like this
  22. 22. Or even like this
  23. 23. Why Data Driven SEO wins?
  24. 24. How? We collect numbers We can prognose We can rely on this data It’s better, than just trusting one experienced SEO
  25. 25. How it works in most cases? 1. Ahrefs, SemRush, Majestic, SearchMetrix, LinkResearchTools, Similarweb, etc 2. We see what's working for others 3. Copy, like example with the main pages
  26. 26. But you should always remember about this iceberg
  27. 27. There are many competitors out there And everyone wants a piece of the PIE in getting FTDs with SEO traffic
  29. 29. Let's do something
  30. 30. Getting the SERP Results
  31. 31. Simple overall dashboard
  32. 32. Getting the average
  33. 33. What can we see here? Ref. domains for URL DR/UR Ref. domains for all domains
  34. 34. The same with age and content URL age Domain age Content length Core web vitals
  35. 35. Ok, we know the average of 151 ref domains for this URL then what? We analyze a bit more
  36. 36. At the end of the day 10-100 URL/Keyword clusters Average: links, content, traffic If you know the conversion rate for this traffic You can calculate and prognose result
  37. 37. So Get Get close to the REAListic picture in your niche Analyze Analyze content and technical better Analyze Analyze links better Get Get Dashboards Collect Collect keywords for every URL (15-50 per URL)
  38. 38. Again, about links Everyone looks at Ahrefs But the most interesting stuff is not there for now
  39. 39. For example Look at this link profile, looks good yeah?
  40. 40. But what about index?
  41. 41. Let's do like this Links that: exist and in index
  42. 42. And we see Its not that good any more
  43. 43. Exist, Dofollow, index 165 normal links out of 1000, crazy
  44. 44. Sometimes link builders come and say that it’s hard to index the links But how you can index these web sites?
  45. 45. That’s why we developed LinkChecker.PRO
  46. 46. Research before you start Keywords groups Dashboards: links, content, technical Prognose ROI Then start
  47. 47. How to set up the RIGHT SEO Team • SEO team Lead/Senior SEO • Link Builder 1-2 • Outreach specialist • Writer/content manager Average SEO Team
  48. 48. The Process Recruiters/HR - interviewing Testing – how he/she understands they can make a result for this project Researching: Data, Dashboards, Cost, Resources Team setup
  49. 49. The Team Short sprints – from Monday to Monday Managing with more experienced SEO people Tools HR/Finance
  50. 50. Protection from Negative SEO • Negative User behavior signals • Toxic PBN’s, redirects, links – never ending disavow tool • Href lang change • Content parsing + cloaking • DMCA’s • Other
  51. 51. It’s hard to manage all this crap to result and after without a team
  52. 52. At SeoProfy we Setup teams for our clients and manage from 0 to results you need 01 From hiring dedicated people 02 To onboarding, teaching and managing them to results and after 03
  53. 53. For more understanding, look at this presentation https://www.slideshar e.net/seoprofyteam/v ictor-karpenko- seoprofy-cmseo- 2019-presentation
  54. 54. Thank you for your attention  Victor Karpenko FB: https://www.facebook.com/victor.karpenko Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victorkarpenko/ Site: https://seoprofy.com/