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Welcome to footprints

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Welcome to footprints

  1. 1. An English Space. La Trama School.
  2. 2.  Talk in English as much as you can.  Form groups of 2/3 kids from different classes.  Collaborate with your team/group task.  Help somebody who needs your help.  Give opportunities to everyone.  Respect what your schoolmates do or say.  Try your best.  Improve English by doing different tasks.  Record a video with your final work.
  3. 3.  There are 8 different activities you can do ◦ Descriptions ◦ Surveys ◦ Fantasy avatars ◦ Daily routines videos ◦ Illustrations of a song, a chant or a poem ◦ Kahoots ◦ Quizlets ◦ Research of English speaking countries.
  4. 4.  First session: Presentation ◦ Decide what you want to do. ◦ Form groups. Start the activity  Second session ◦ Work with your team.  Third session ◦ Work with your team and prepare your production.  Fourth session ◦ Last session. Finish your production. ◦ If it is possible, record a video. ◦ Self-assessment