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II SSPI Day - SpaceBridge

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  1. 1. 1www.spacebridge.com ASAT™ System – Scalable, Multi-Service, Multi-Waveform VSAT Network Platform Powered by WaveSwitch™ technology, ASAT System handles application dynamics with optimum waveform selection, making efficient use of common, shared space segment resources
  2. 2. 2www.spacebridge.com WaveSwitch™ Technology – On-the-Fly Waveform Switching Combines the power of large MF-TDMA VSAT networks with high-throughput SCPC links WaveSwitch ™ ponders the throughput, SLA, application, and waveform requirements for usage of common and shared space segment WaveSwitch™ delivers optimum service and with efficient bandwidth utilization
  3. 3. 4Proprietary and confidentialwww.spacebridge.com Cloud Computing And Big Data (Source: NSR) : - Global revenue opportunity from satellite-based data analytics will reach close to $3B by 2027
  4. 4. 5Proprietary and confidentialwww.spacebridge.com Cloud Computing OTT is starting to impact the subscriber count for DTH platforms, which is triggering traditionally big users of satellite capacity such as DirecTV, Dish, Sky or even actors in emerging markets such as Claro (Latin America) or Tata Sky (India) to launch their own streaming platforms independent of satellite.
  5. 5. 6www.spacebridge.com Cellular Backhaul is one typical application. With lower price points, the monthly traffic at which satellite is more cost effective than terrestrial alternatives grows rapidly, especially as prices go below $400 USD/Mbps/Month. As there is a long tail of BTS stations consuming small amounts of traffic, an improvement in the GB/month at which satellite is more attractive than terrestrial solutions, then translates rapidly into higher levels of demand for satellite. Download: Up to 300Mbps Upload: Up to 75Mbps Ultimate Series - U7400 Professional Telecom-Grade VSAT Router Cellular Backhaul
  6. 6. 7Proprietary and confidentialwww.spacebridge.com Cloud Computing  NSR’s Big Data Analytics via Satellite, 2nd edition report:  NSR foresees the need of cloud computing for the satellite industry spanning different customer verticals: • ranging from the land/maritime transportation • government/military sector • Oil & Gas, energy and enterprise Market  Overcoming the challenges that come with shifting to a cloud-based approach will be crucial for satellite business to remain competitive and grow their business. And Big Data: NSR Report: Satellite Ground Segment to Generate $162 Billion in Next Decade
  7. 7. 8www.spacebridge.com Ultimate Series - U7400-C4 3G/4G/LTE Cellular Backhaul VSAT Router  Up to 30x throughput acceleration and latency improvement  Save up to 35% in 3G & 4G/LTE backhaul  Field-proven 3G Iuh & 4G, LTE S1 optimization, compression, caching and GTP acceleration  Deploy and increase coverage in days! Partnered with Optimization Leaders Systems to integrate best in class technology for satellite cellular backhaul Download: Up to 300Mbps Upload: Up to 75Mbps
  8. 8. 10www.spacebridge.com Enterprise Series - E7000 Prosumer / Enterprise VSAT Router Internet, SOHO, SME, enterprise connectivity and continuity / satellite-backup solutions  Built-in PEP and QoS  Accelerated VPN  Supports terminal redundancy configurations Download: Up to 150Mbps Upload: Up to 25Mbps
  9. 9. 13www.spacebridge.com Compact Series - C8200 All-Outdoor M2M / IIoT Integrated Terminal For Internet connectivity, M2M IP, industrial IoT infrastructures and SCADA applications  All-outdoor  Easy installation  Software Defined Radio technology Download: Up to 20Mbps Upload: Up to 1Mbps
  10. 10. 14www.spacebridge.com Welcome to our new home !