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Open Source Lisbon 2018 - Rafael Achaerandio

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"Cloud and Open source to drive Open Innovation - The single way to survive" - Rafael Achaerandio

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Open Source Lisbon 2018 - Rafael Achaerandio

  1. 1. TrustedProductiveIntelligentHybrid
  2. 2. Existing SaaS tools Client apps & devices Enterprise ledgers ? Organization 1 Organization n
  3. 3. Azure Blockchain Workbench Horizontal SaaS & adapters Data Platform (ML/BI) Secure Off- Chain Storage Monitoring & Security API Management Enterprise Integration Identity & Key Management Client apps & devices Enterprise ledger
  4. 4. Deploy and manage Kubernetes with ease Scale and run applications with confidence Secure your Kubernetes environment Accelerate containerized application development Work how you want with open-source tools & APIs Set up CI/CD in a few clicks
  5. 5. Development DevOps Monitoring Networking Storage Security Take advantage of services and tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem OR, Leverage growing Azure support RBAC VS Code VSTS ARM Azure Monitor Azure VNET Azure Storage Azure Container Registry AAD Key Vault
  6. 6. If you have a preferred container platform Pivotal Cloud Foundry � Kubernetes � Docker Enterprise Edition Red Hat OpenShift � Mesosphere DC/OS You could bring that platform to Azure Flexibility Productivity Trust
  7. 7. Introducing Azure DevOps Deliver value to your users faster using proven agile tools to plan, track, and discuss work across your teams. Build, test, and deploy with CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud. Connect to GitHub or any other Git provider and deploy continuously. Get unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repos and collaborate to build better code with pull requests and advanced file management. Test and ship with confidence using manual and exploratory testing tools. Create, host, and share packages with your team, and add artifacts to your CI/CD pipelines with a single click. Azure Boards Azure ReposAzure Pipelines Azure Test Plans Azure Artifacts https://azure.com/devops �
  8. 8. Free unlimited build minutes for public projects Up to 10 free parallel jobs across Windows, Linux and macOS Microsoft OpenSource https://azure.com/pipelines�
  9. 9. Azure Pipelines available now to any developer from the GitHub Marketplace
  10. 10. Mix and match to create workflows with tools from Microsoft, open source or your favorite 3rd party tools Azure DevOps lets developers choose the tools that are right for them Target any cloud, on-prem or both and deploy to the servers you need
  11. 11. Azure AI Services Azure Infrastructure Tools