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Open Source Lisbon - Francisco Teixeira Presentation

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"In data we trust, a smarter future to build Azure Databricks" - Francisco Teixeira

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Open Source Lisbon - Francisco Teixeira Presentation

  1. 1. Shape the future with the power of data and Azure Databricks
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  6. 6. Azure Databricks Powered by Apache Spark
  7. 7. S P A R K : A B R I E F H I S T O R Y
  8. 8. • Open-source data processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and sophisticated analytics • In memory engine that is up to 100 times faster than Hadoop • Largestopen-source data projectwith 1000+ contributors • Highly extensible with support for Scala, Java and Python alongside Spark SQL, GraphX, Streaming and Machine Learning Library (Mllib) Why Spark?
  9. 9. What is Azure Databricks? A fast, easy and collaborative Apache® Spark™ based analytics platform optimized for Azure Best of Databricks Best of Microsoft Designed in collaboration with the founders of Apache Spark One-click set up; streamlined workflows Interactive workspace that enables collaboration between data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts. Native integration with Azure services (Power BI, SQL DW, Cosmos DB, Blob Storage) Enterprise-grade Azure security (Active Directory integration, compliance, enterprise-grade SLAs)
  10. 10. Optimized Databricks Runtime Engine DATABRICKS I/ O SERVERLESS Collaborative Workspace Cloud storage Data warehouses Hadoop storage IoT / streaming data Rest APIs Machine learning models BI tools Data exports Data warehouses Azure Databricks Enhance Productivity Deploy Production Jobs &Workflows APACHE SPARK MULTI-STAGE PIPELINES DATA ENGINEER JOB SCHEDULER NOTIFICATION & LOGS DATA SCIENTIST BUSINESS ANALYST Build on secure &trusted cloud Scale without limits Azure Databricks
  11. 11. Use Cases
  12. 12. Modern Big Data Warehouse Business / customapps (Structured) Logs, files and media (unstructured) Azure storage Polybase Azure SQL Data Warehouse Data factory Data factory Azure Databricks (Spark) Analytical dashboards Model &ServePrep &TrainStoreIngest Intelligence
  13. 13. Advanced Analytics on Big Data Web &mobile appsAzure Databricks (SparkMllib, SparkR, SparklyR) Azure Cosmos DB Business / customapps (Structured) Logs, files and media (unstructured) Azure storage Polybase Azure SQL Data Warehouse Data factory Data factory Analytical dashboards Model &ServePrep &TrainStoreIngest Intelligence
  14. 14. Real-time analytics on Big Data Unstructured data Azure storage Polybase Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure HDInsight (Kafka) Azure Databricks (Spark) Analytical dashboards Model &ServePrep &TrainStoreIngest Intelligence
  15. 15. Demo
  16. 16. Engage Microsoft experts for a workshop to help identify high impact scenarios Already using Azure? try Azure Databricks now or create a free Azure account to start using Azure Databricks  Learn more about Azure Databricks www.azure.com/databricks How to get started
  17. 17. Thank you! Francisco Teixeira @fratei aka.ms/francisco.teixeira