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OPEN Youth Trust: Angelia Brett - SearchNorwich 5

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OPEN was established in 2005 to provide opportunities for young people in Norfolk, including those who are most disadvantaged, with the longer term aim of making a positive difference to their lives. The charity, based in the heart of Norwich, is located in a Grade II listed, multi-purpose venue which provides live music, venue hire for conferences, meetings and events as well as being home to a cafe, climbing wall, dance studio, gym and CLOSED secure storage.

The profit from all commercial activities enables the charity to offer a diverse range of different activities, most of which are free to attend, for young people aged 7 – 25. OPEN’s aims are to provide diverse and innovative ways to engage young people with focus on four key areas: participation, learning, employability and progression. All four underpin the way in which we engage with young people.

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OPEN Youth Trust: Angelia Brett - SearchNorwich 5

  1. 1. . . . employability & progression Participation & learning. . .
  2. 2. Shahan Shahan came to OPEN 7 yrs ago. He liked sports, but was scared of heights. When he met Dan, OPEN's climbing instructor who Shahan says 'was an inspiration', he was motivated to push himself, and is now a volunteer instructor on many of the courses, teaching young people and adults of all abilities the sport he has grown to love. Without OPEN, Shahan says he 'wouldn't know himself as well’. What our young people say about OPEN…
  3. 3. Paige George, Cozens Hardy Solicitors I’m excited to become OPEN’s first business ambassador, I’m looking forward to making a difference and helping the younger generation, who feel as though life isn’t going their way, realise that there is someone who cares and has walked a similar path and managed to achieve their goals. OPEN welcomes a new Ambassador…
  4. 4. Our OPEN U.S.P “every time an event is booked it makes a positive difference to the lives of young people”
  5. 5. OPEN Drop-In
  6. 6. OPEN Outreach & Enrichment
  7. 7. A compelling story . . .
  8. 8. Angela Brett Development Manager Start a conversation today… Thank you for listening… :o)