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Startup Marketing

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Startup Marketing

  1. Startup Marketing Getting off the ground floor Sean O’Malley Product Guy http://seancomalley.com
  2. You have a new product
  3. You want it to go viral
  4. But traditional marketing doesn’t work
  5. 1. Buy Ads Traditional 4. Make a 2. Get More Profit marketing Distribution machine 3. Sell More Buy Products From Seth Godin on Sliced Bread at Ted, Feb 2003
  6. It doesn’t work because consumers have more choice and less time
  7. It doesn’t work because startups don’t have the money
  8. You need a marketing elevator to get your startup off the ground Push Button to: acquire users build a brand get recommended
  9. 1. Build a remarkable product 2. Market to passionate influencers 3. Build loyalty through community management
  10. 1. Build a remarkable product
  11. “Something remarkable is worth talking about...It’s a Purple Cow… Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service.” Seth Godin
  12. Remarkable is hard
  13. “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs
  14. Let’s say you build a remarkable product so influential people can’t help but talk about it
  15. The product is the marketing
  16. But what if my product isn’t Google?
  17. Watch, Listen and Iterate
  18. Be an astronomer ....not an astrologer Scientific Product Development Acquisition Activation Problem, Keep or Retention Hypothesis kill feature Referral & Test Monetization
  19. Traditional methods
  20. Surveys Google Analytics 1:1 Interviews Ethnographic studies Usability testing Focus groups
  21. Emerging Methods...Social media
  22. 2. Market to the passionate Influencers
  23. 10% influence the purchasing behavior of the other 90% Malcolm Gladwell The Tipping Point
  24. Where do you find the influencers?
  25. Ask the question... Who do my customers listen to?
  26. Reach the Mac user....not the PC user
  27. Methods
  28. Word of Mouth Marketing Evangelist Marketing Brand Blogging Viral Marketing Buzz Marketing Grassroots Marketing Product Seeding Evangelist Marketing Referral Programs Cause Marketing Community Mktg
  29. Your biggest bang for the buck...embrace the influential bloggers
  30. 3. Build loyalty through Community Management
  31. A happy customer is the greatest endorsement
  32. Basically, it comes down to treat me well and I’ll return the favor
  33. Be a talk show host... not a preacher
  34. Methods
  35. Give a great Give customers a voice experience Listen Foster customer reputations Engage the community
  36. If you remember anything... Most successful marketing elevators are about making lives better
  37. Sean O’Malley Product Guy Venrock Quarry somalley@venrock.com http://seancomalley.com
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