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Vicki Schenck Athas Ih C Lb And Samples

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Conceptual designer and Art Director of Print Marketing and collateral, broadcast, exhibit and web.

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Vicki Schenck Athas Ih C Lb And Samples

  1. 1. My name is Vicki Schenck-Atha. I am a Graphic Designer/Art Director/Creative ProjectManager with a wide range of marketing experience. I’d like to tell you a little about myselfand how I might benefit your business. My career started in Atlanta, where I headed the creative department that works withEconomic Development and Postsecondary Education to promote partnership betweenthe two. I had as many as 5 designers working under my direction. We produced print andaudio visual pieces ranging from training to promoting Georgia in International business. Imoved to Birmingham 24 years ago and Ive enjoyed freelancing consistently for all but afew of those years. From 1998 through 2001, I was the Creative Director for Townsend, Barneyand Patricks Birmingham office, where my clients included Alabama Tourism, Barber Dairies,and The Drummond Corporation, to name just a few. While I’ve worked with and inside many agencies, I am presently working directly withclients. My current client list is diverse; an international rare coin and currency auctionhouse, a regional benefits company, a public affairs company that specializes in advocacycampaigns, a multi-million dollar defense and aerospace contractor, and two financial institutions. I worked with the founder of First National Bank of Baldwin County from the day he putthe project in motion. After developing their logo, I have since designed and produced allmarketing materials over the last 10 years. While I am able to act as the visual component of a marketing department from my ownoffice, I’m versatile and able to create in an in-house environment as well. I love to get inon a project from concept to fruition. My strong organizational, creative and communicationskills allow me to assess my clients’ marketing needs to propose and institute a plan ofaction rapidly. Im also experienced with getting up to speed on a quick turnaround/get-the-word-out-there piece. If you have need of a visual problem solver, I’d love to show you my work and furtherdiscuss the possibilities. Feel free to contact me via e-mail or call me any time! 205-937-3837 | vickiworking@charter.net vicki SCHENCK-ATHA 205.937.3837 vickiworking@charter.net
  2. 2. My skills, training, and personal drive enable me to: Design print pieces that range from the beautiful and simple to the classic and complex. Design the visual components for websites and coordinate with high end web technicians to get my clients’ websites generating more business for them. Design exhibits for trade shows. Direct world-class Photographers and Filmmakers. Generate concepts and make them come to life by using visuals and words. Communicate effectively with my clients and accurately assess their marketing needs with sensitivity to account budgets and preset parameters. Make detailed plans of action. Bring together professionals with specific talents who will make a project reach the customer’s desired goals. Coordinate with vendors and suppliers. Actively project manage the process of a job. Keep my clients informed of progress. Work with existing teams and bring new teams together. To quote my clients, “I make things happen.” vicki SCHENCK-ATHA 205.937.3837 vickiworking@charter.net