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Facebook advertising - Ads Types and Targeting Capabilities

A short capture of Facebook Ads Types with Targeting capabilities

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Facebook advertising - Ads Types and Targeting Capabilities

  1. 1. The world’s leading social media site
  2. 2. The world’s leading social media siteFacebook is the world’s largest social network with over 978 million active monthly users across the world drivingbillons of engagement between people, publishers and brands.Reaching more than 275 million online users in Asia, Facebook provides the most engaging and advancedtargeting platform that helps advertisers connect, engage and influence your audience.Vietnam Zoom+Reach• Over 13 mil Unique User• Play a part as 54.47% ofonline populationTargetEnabling advertisers to usemore than 15 demographicand interest based filters totarget usersAds TypesStandard AdsPromote PagePosts
  3. 3. Ad Types and PlacementsAd TypesNewsfeed(desktop)Newsfeed(mobile)RHS ofFacebookBest Use Cases1. StandardAdsOffsite Ads X- Driving visit to a website- Or online salesPage Like Ads X- Fan acquisition- Awareness for prospectivecustomers2. PromotePage PostsPage Post Ads X X X - Awareness for prospectivecustomers- EngagementPage PostSponsored StoryX X X
  4. 4. Demos – Standard AdsPage Like AdsOffsite Ads
  5. 5. Demos – Promote Page PostsPhoto Page PostText Page Post Video Page PostQuestion Page PostLink Page Post Event Page PostClaim Offer
  6. 6. Targeting CapabilitiesStructure Location Age/Birthday GenderEducationWorkplaceRelationshipSexual PreferenceLanguageActivitiesInterestsMusicTVMoviesBooksGroupsApplicationsConnectionsUnstructure Data User IDs Emails Phone Numbers
  7. 7. Loi Tran