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Display ads clickers are not your customers

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Display ads clickers are not your customers

  1. 1. SEM SEO Display Ads Social Media E-Mail
  2. 2. SEM SEO Display Ads Social Media E-Mail I’m talking about this and this
  3. 3. Using a search engine to FIND information, ANSWER a question or REACH a website to buy something has become as second nature AS ….
  4. 4. Users’re NOT coming for clicks...
  5. 5. Seeking info, search products,… on Search Engines then clicking on the relevant keywords ads to land the advertiser’s page. A closely aligned path. Clicks make sense View/Engage/ Interact Click
  6. 6. 85% of all clicks on display ads came from just 8% of the Internet audienceView/Engage/Interact OpenClick
  7. 7. Do you trust those ads WORK?Mike Shields, “Google CEO: Display Ad Market Could Become $200 Billion Biz,” AdWeek, February 2011
  8. 8.  CTR, the main metric Balloon ads, the main demand of marketers Ad Tech (Targeting/Re-targeting, Optimization, Data), not much enough care
  9. 9.  Balloon is not BAD, but use it right! Let user decide to intentionally real engage/interact with your brands (audio, video, banner expansion, click- to-download/install,…) Do not create more invalid traffic by mis-clicking. Creativity is appreciated
  10. 10.  Marketing is in long-terms More thing to do…  Choose carefully the right vendors: trusted ad serving platforms, and third-party verifications.  Learn and Apply new ad tech into your campaigns (Targeting and Optimization capabilities of your vendor). Even sit down and brainstorm with your media providers/vendors.
  11. 11. Loi TranSkype: dailoi114D: 0122-888-1077Yes, I’m young, willingto learn and un-rightsometimes. So shareyour concerns!!
  12. 12. 1. Understand the characteristics of your click-based and view- based audiences. As we’ve seen, clickers may not be your buyers.2. Measure view-based conversion volume as well as click-based conversion volume. Buyers are likely to take another look, and perhaps another and another, before deciding to purchase.3. Judge your campaign by the conversion rate rather than the click-through rate. Or better yet, use effective cost per action (eCPA) to measure the effectiveness of your entire advertising investment no matter how you’ve chosen to buy it.4. Develop and apply a multi-touch attribution approach. This involves building a model to better account for the impact of all of the ads that touched your customers along their path to purchase and can help you overcome the shortcomings of click-based and last-touch attribution (attributing all credit to the last ad seen). QUANTCAST WHITEPAPER