distributed operating systems artificial bee colony algorithm swarm intelligence load balancing grid evolutionary computation memetic algorithm bst avl tree genetic algorithms artificial bee colony algorithm; nature inspired a parallel algorithms threads scheduling load sharing ontology ogsa grid infrastructure grid architecture grid computing advance topics in algorithms approximation alforithm soft coputing average throughput normalized routing load dynamic source routing protocol wireless sensor network adhoc on-demand distance vector routing protocol packet delivery fraction data-dependency static-slicing program-slicing control- dependency. dynamic-slicing-d slicing jsp data reduction java servlet encoding compression sparse limit dimension depth non-zero values travelling salesman problem crossover operator particle swarm optimization. rough set genetic algorithm nature inspired techniques optimization techniques pso differential evolution nature inspired computing. memetic computing modified position update in spider monkey optimiza population based metaheuristics spider monkey optimization problems in parallel computations of tree function merging pre fix sum parallel algorithm pram max flow min cut prims algo single source shortest path mst kruskal algo minimum spanning trees strongly connected components dfs bfs dynamic os augmenting data structures splay tree 2-3 tree balanced tree 2-3-4 tree algorithm quick sort heapsort algorithms red black tree substitution master theorem iteration counting sort grid scheduling resource management distributed file systems distributed file system( load sharing load sharing load sharing load sharing distributed autonomiccomputing semanticgrid autonomiccomputing semanticgrid grid security globus grid security globus grid security wsdl gsdl ggf wsrf atomic transactions in distributed systems election algorithms mutual exclusion logical clocks canonical problems in distributed systems physical clocks synchronization remote procedure call communication how to design a grid the evolution of the grid grid middleware transparency virtual memory demand paging operating system dos os
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