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Logos and production companies

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Logos and production companies

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  2. 2. Spinnin’ Records Spinnin’ records is a company that owns various artist’s such as Martin Garrix. Companys such as this present this logo before all of their videos to advertise the music that company represents. Their label also holds certain artists. Defected in the house Another logo that represents a certain group of DJ’s, we can see how the two different styles of music differ however making preferences for the brands.
  3. 3. * Lady Gaga's theme logo uses golden font which stands out with name fame, as it connotes the idea of the reputation matched with the upper high quality metal. It uses bold capital font to highlight the name more.Rihanna’s logo relates to her video and new album idea which would be the white font coveted by the black background making a semantic field of words that connote the idea of love and peace. It uses scruffy writing to make the words stand out look more retrocreational.
  4. 4. * Future productions is our main logo and the production company our artist has signed up for. It uses the tag line – ‘Tomorrow’s music today’ to make the audience feel like their listening to fresh new music. Between the two production companies beeswax productions is the less formal one and could be seen as light and comical to highlight the upbeat personalities of the artists who have been signed up.
  5. 5. * Our artist logo’s consist bright colours that represent her personality whilst also suggesting she is a girl. Crowns have been used to connote the idea of a queen and that we are generally suggesting that our artist is perhaps the queen of her genre.