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The art of intranet search

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Sam Marshall of ClearBox consulting and David Francoeur, of Bonzai taking a non-technical look at intranet search, to help you improve results and the overall experience.

If you're responsible for search configuration then we welcome you, but this webinar is also for intranet managers and digital team members who care about content and ensuring the intranet is truly useful to colleagues.

The business cost of poor search
Why intranet search is hard
How to improve the search user experience
Ways to diagnose why search fails
Quick ways to enhance your search results.

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The art of intranet search

  1. 1. Webinar The art of intranet search
  2. 2. Q&A system:We will try to answer some questions during the webinar, and a few more at the end. Both participating companies will email you the recording within 48 hours (so you won’t miss it!). You can listen via your computer or by dialling the phone number in the email you received today. Housekeeping
  3. 3. Your webinar hosts Sam Marshall Managing Director @SamMarshall David Francoeur Solution Delivery Specialist @DavidKFrancoeur
  4. 4. About ClearBox ClearBox Consulting is a specialist independent consultancy that believes in making the workplace a better and more productive experience.We understand technology, but we approach it from the people side first. Our goal is to help organisations collaborate and communicate more effectively.We specialise in intranets and the wider digital workplace, including internal social media, enterprise mobile strategies and real-time collaboration tools. Sam Marshall Managing Director @SamMarshall
  5. 5. About Bonzai David is a SharePoint and Office 365 specialist who enjoys designing and building new things that make the workplace, and more importantly its stakeholders, more effective. While tools can go a long way, he is a firm believer in the pivotal roles played by research, analysis, strategy, and training for any tool to be successful. David focuses his time on the design and implementation of new intranets across a wide variety of industries. David Francoeur Solution Delivery Specialist @DavidKFrancoeur
  6. 6. How many people (or FTEs) do you have working on your enterprise search? Poll
  7. 7. Agenda  Why search matters  Why intranet search is challenging  Diagnosing search issues  The user experience of search  Q&A
  8. 8. Why search matters
  9. 9. Employees are always frustrated It's difficult to find the same information twice even though I know it's there! If you search for documents you'll get everything that's ever been written - finding a recent one is really difficult Whenever somebody tells me the answer is on the intranet my heart sinks – I know I’ll never find it
  10. 10. Source: https://intrateam.com/services/benchmark/ How satisfied are your users with internal search? 10% 30% 23%
  11. 11. It has real business impact
  12. 12. Why search is challenging
  13. 13. Why doesn’t it work like  Content  Resources and motivation  Digital literacy  System fragmentation ?
  14. 14. Diagnosing search issues
  15. 15. Four basic search steps Content Published Content Indexed 1 2 Search Retrieval 3 Search Results 4
  16. 16. Where search goes wrong Content quality issues Technical issues IA issues Other User training issues https://www.clearbox.co.uk/diagnosing-enterprise-search/ Finding 1. Content 1.1 Content missing 1.2 Metadata Inconsistent Ambiguous No keywords Entity extraction 1.3 Structure Buried in document Poor titles 1.4 Language Foreign language Jargon 2. Index 2.1 Content not indexed Security No connector 2.2 Index quality Vocabulary 3. Retrieve 3.1 Search engine Ranking Too many results No refiners Content ROT Duplicate contentToo few results 3.2 User skills Query too general Logical operators Misspelling 4. Results 4.1 Results page layout 4.2 Media presentation Results hard to scan 4.3 Security trimming Result inaccessible 4.4 Ease of browsing Suitabilityof content format Section structure 4.5 Confidence Ratings Publishing metadata Feedback Naming conventions
  17. 17. Underlying causes 1: content 1. Content 1.1 Content missing 1.2 Metadata Inconsistent Ambiguous No keywords Entity extraction 1.3 Structure Buried in document Poor titles 1.4 Language Foreign language Jargon
  18. 18. The user experience of search
  19. 19. The Search Experience The user’s search experience can be divided into two parts, the query and the results. It is a conversation comprised of a question and an answer. Question From the user Answer From the system
  20. 20. Search Query The Art of the Search Box How can we assist the user in effectively framing their question?
  21. 21. Search Query Studies show that users expect to find the search box at the top of the page, most commonly the top right. Keep the search box in the same spot, on every page. Search Box Placement Search Box Persistence Medium.com
  22. 22. Search Query Use standard language and symbols to identify the search box and to launch the search. Keep it Recognizable
  23. 23. Search Query Let users know what they are searching for. Targeted or Contextualized Search IMDB.com
  24. 24. Search Query To provide immediate feedback to the user, give them some suggestions or possible hits for their search query. Keep this number low. Let users launch one of those results (or a related action) without even leaving the search box. Predictions & Suggestions
  25. 25. Search Results The Results Page How can we assist the user in finding the correct answer, quickly?
  26. 26. Consuming Web Content  We have known for some time that people don’t read the web the same way they read printed materials.  People scan web pages.  Eye tracking studies demonstrate that our eyes tend to follow the rough outline of an ‘F’.  Search, therefore, must be made ‘scannable’ like any other web content. Nielsen Norman
  27. 27. Search Results Give people scannable information and visual cues to quickly identify results. Context
  28. 28. Search Results Give users the ability to refine or filter the results, with or without a keyword. Ensure it is easy to add or remove filters, it should never be complicated. Useful for users who want to browse, or when users see too many results to scan. Refiners or Filters Patagonia.ca Expedia.com
  29. 29. Search Results Give users a preview of the content, or an image associated with the content. Context
  30. 30. Search Results Give users a sense of how many results they are working with. Break out long lists of results into manageable sizes. Counts and Paging
  31. 31. Search Results Surface the most popular searches (either dynamically or by curation). Show ‘Best Bets’ or searches you are trying to promote at the top of the results. Popular Searches
  32. 32. Search Results Show people why the result is being returned. Hit Highlights/Matching
  33. 33. Search Results Give people a choice between how the results are displayed. Offer different ways for the user to sort their results. Personalization
  34. 34. Feedback Give users a mechanism to easily report problems with search. Feedback
  35. 35. User Experience Summary Provide meaningful context via a variety of visual cues Keep things scannable Don’t meddle with norms that users are familiar with Allow for flexibility in how users find information Provide shortcuts to information, when applicable
  36. 36. Q&A
  37. 37. SharePoint intranets in-a-box 10% off BonzaiWebinar clearbox.co.uk 39 intranet products reviewed 600+ pages Immediate download New for 2019: Our expert assessments of products that transform SharePoint into a useful and useable intranet.
  38. 38. Connect ClearBox Consulting clearbox.co.uk @ClearBox hello@clearbox.co.uk +44 (0) 1224 458746 Treliske House, Queens Park Road, Chester, CH4 7AD, UK Bonzai bonzai-intranet.com @BonzaiIntranet info@bonzai-intranet.com
  39. 39. Acknowledgements Icon Attribution Freepik from www.flaticon.com Website by vectlab from the Noun Project