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Sofanatics-Social TV

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What is Social TV? Why will it be big in 2011? How many people use Social TV already? Why football (soccer) is the best subject for a social TV service? Analysis brought to you by Sofanatics.com - a Social TV service for sports fans.

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Sofanatics-Social TV

  1. 1. Social TV - Thoughtssami@sofanatics.com
  2. 2. Social TV• Online discussions about TV programs• Television programs as a natural starting point for interaction• At the moment programs on TV, social actions on other devices• TV devices are becoming social too when connected to Internet
  3. 3. “It seems we are becoming a nation of armchair pundits, sitting watchingTV with laptops at the ready” David McKeown, Intel Photo: Arria Belli@flickr
  4. 4. Activated viewers• Viewers have become users• Comments and reactions during the programs• Discussions, recommendations, check-ins and other fan behavior between the programs• Supporting the viewer interaction has become essential when creating TV concepts
  5. 5. CNN Facebook Live Stream-applicationMillion users updated their FB profile on CNN.comduring Obama inauguration on Jan 20th 2009 Photo: insidefacebook.com
  6. 6. Why now?• Social media has become mainstream• TV companies activated in Social media• Device manufacturers adding Internet connections and Twitter, Facebook etc. apps to their devices• More and more Social TV services launched
  7. 7. LGs view on TV connected to Internet Photo: LG
  8. 8. 2010-2011• Redshift Research 10/2010: 45 % of all British use Social media while watching TV• Nielsen 3/2010: 59 % of Americans surf the Internet and watch TV at the same time• Wired: Six tech trends to expect in 2011: one of the trends Social TV• MIT Tech Review 5/2010: 10 emerging technologies 2010: Social TV included
  9. 9. Twitter and the FIFA World CupRecord 3283 tweets per second (Denmark-Japan Jun 24th) Photo: Twitter
  10. 10. Sports and social TV• Sports is the most natural subject for a social TV service because: ‣ Sports event raise strong primitive emotions and a need to share those feelings with like-minded ‣ Events have a viewer friendly duration and exciting dramaturgical structure ‣ Sports broadcasts are followed simultaneously all around the world
  11. 11. “There can be no doubt about the religious significance of soccer event”Desmond Morris / the Soccer Tribe (1981) Photo: Rodrigo Vieira - www.guideinrio.com
  12. 12. Football (Soccer) and Social TV• Team sports – especially football – works best on Social TV because: ‣ Football is the most popular sport in the world ‣ Biggest football teams have fans all around the globe ‣ Long traditions: Clubs are strong brands that arouse strong emotions ‣ Extremely developed fan culture: Clothes, mantras, songs and other social actions strengthen the tribal identity of supporters. Fans are ready to make sacrifices for their team
  13. 13. Sofanatics.comManchester United - Liverpool, 9.1.2011
  14. 14. You’ll Never Watch Alone™ Sami Kuusela +358 44 3234 323 sami@sofanatics.com deepsami