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Spending More Time Sales Coaching for Superior Results

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A response to manager's concerns on the why behind sales coaching. Four reasons they typically fail to coach, and what to do about them.

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Spending More Time Sales Coaching for Superior Results

  1. 1. Behind Sales Coaching The WHY
  2. 2. Reps Achieving Quota 84% Coaching: Needs Improvement % Reps Making Quota Sales Coaching Skills 89% Coaching: Meets Expectations 95% Coaching: Exceeds Expectations Source: CSO Insights, 2015 Sales Performance Optimization Company Coaching Programs SALES COACHING empowers sales reps to improve selling skills and close more business
  3. 3. Despite compelling research, most managers neglect developing the skill that can have the biggest impact on sales
  4. 4. Why Managers Don't Invest More Time in Sales Coaching? Don’t understand the benefits Don’t feel they have the time Concerned about hurting sales rep’s confidence Not sure how to coach 2 3 4 1
  5. 5. Response #1 Don’t understand the benefits1
  6. 6. Sales coaching focuses on helping reps develop the skills, knowledge, and strategies that improve sales results
  7. 7. Reps gain better selling skills and stronger industry and product knowledge...
  8. 8. ...and they know how to think about sales opportunities strategically to generate higher, more profitable sales
  9. 9. Response #2 Don’t feel they have enough time2
  10. 10. Sales managers work extremely long hours
  11. 11. Much time is spent helping sales reps solve problems rather than enabling them to achieve more sales
  12. 12. Their long-term objective should be to help their sales reps learn to solve many of these problems on their own
  13. 13. Sales coaching leads to a more productive, empowered, and motivated sales team, freeing up the sales manager’s time
  14. 14. Response #3 Don’t want to hurt my sales rep’s confidence 3
  15. 15. Coaching needs to be seen as genuinely helpful and focused on sales rep development…
  16. 16. …and it is best focused on middle and higher performing reps with the capacity and desire to improve
  18. 18. The ultimate goal is to improve sales rep performance and increase confidence to develop better selling skills
  19. 19. Response #4 Don’t know how to coach4
  20. 20. While some sales managers may have natural coaching instincts
  21. 21. There is no reason to expect a manager to coach without coaching skills and a coaching process
  22. 22. There are a number of great sales coaching programs that sales managers can utilize
  23. 23. Becoming a great sales coach requires time and dedication
  24. 24. It's not only worthwhile in terms of business impact…
  25. 25. …but also for the satisfaction of seeing sales reps selling skills and confidence grow
  26. 26. Sales Coaching can drive revenues up by 20% or more. Help your Managers become great coaches. Download White Paper COMPLIMENTARY OFFER
  27. 27. By Norman Behar @NormanBehar