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  2. Startup analysis , 1 Value Proposition Problem : Brand image, Awareness about Product. 2 Team Strategy Founders: SAHANA , RONIKA YOGESH , RAHUL, SABARI. Advisors: Chartered Accountant Company Secretory Financial Advisors Marketing Advisors Competition: TITAN watches SONATA Watches Other Watch Firms Partners : Short Term Investors E-Business Websites Suppliers. 3 Market Strategy Price : Start from Rs.550/- Price depends for Customized Watches 4 Financial Strategy Revenue Model: Based on Sales Deducting the production Cost the remaining Profit after repaying the borrowed Loans. Placement: Online and Offline Online : Social Media Sales, E-business Websites Offline: Wholesalers, Retailors Cost Model: Production Cost, Packaging cost Travelling cost on business Line Trip. Promotion: Social media , Watch Fest Exhibition Stall. Small Posters. Sales Model : Out bound Sales. Sales assistant Starts Communication With a Potential Customer From their End.
  3. Value Proposition Canvas Gains Customizing watches Best Quality with affordable Price Product & Services Wrist Watches Bracelets for women and men. Customized watches. Services: Online websites and Offline Stores. Affordable Price. Fashionable Customized. Available in Online and Offline. Trendy Collections.
  4. Gains Quality and Customization of watches at affordable price. Pain Brand Image, Awareness about the brand. Customer Order through our website and Other E- Business Website. Through Social Media. Offline Stores.
  5. Problem solution fit Customer Segments People who are looking for trendy collections and Customized watches. All Age Group people. Customer Limitations Waiting time After Service Packaging and delivery Available solutions We use Experienced workers who are specialized to complete the work as per market demand . Fashion designers advises on trendy collections. Problems/Pains Brand Image Return policies Smart Watches Root Cause Cost of Raw materials Understanding of customer needs and customization Behavior Waiting time will be based on the order and time required these are customized watches so it should be handled with care Triggers to act Quality Satisfaction to the price Emotions Before – High price, Wanted Trendy Watches. After- Customized watches , Affordable price. Your Solutions Unique, Customized watches Channel of behavior Both Online & Offline Online – Through our website & social media Offline – Stores or through our partners
  6. Business Model Canva Key partners Key activities Value proposition Customer relationships Customer segments Suppliers Distributors Promoters Advisers Manufacturing Wholesaling Retailing For Company: Flexible work Hours , Motivating creative work. Trust, Pays attention to needs , Customers: Demographic, Geographics , Behavirioual, Psychographic Key resources Skilled Staff, Suppliers, Advisors, Investors For Customers: Quality, Affordable price. Channels Social media channels, Word of mouth, articles Cost structure Revenues Employee Salary. Raw Material Cost. Cost is based on the service opted by the customer Net Revenue is Total No of Orders Placed, Total no of watches sold.