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  1. From: Birth to 1 month Weight Bearing: - -Weight on buttocks and legs. Posture:- Hip flexion -Trunk flexion Antigravity Movement: --Lifts and maintains head in midline briefly. -Upper cervical spine extension.
  2. From: 2.5 to 4 months Weight Bearing: - Weight on buttocks, legs ,and hands. Posture:-Head up; shoulders elevated - Hips flexed , externally rotated , and abducted. -Knees flexed. -Lumbar and thoracic spine rounded. Antigravity Movement: -Maintains head in midline . -Supports weight on arms briefly.
  3. From: 3 to 5 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on buttocks and lumbar spine. Posture:-Arms flexed -Hips and knees flexed. -Feet may be off surface. Antigravity Movements: -Chin tucked; head in line or in front of body. -May assist movement with abdominal muscles and arms flexion.
  4. From: 4 to 6 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on buttocks and legs. Posture :-Head in midline . -Shoulders in front of hips. -Thoracic spine extended. -lumbar flexion. -Hips flexed and externally rotated. Antigravity Movement: -Head extension. -Scapular adduction and humeral extension. -Can’t maintain position indefinitely.
  5. From: 4.5 to 6 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on buttocks, legs ,and hands. Posture: - Head up -Lumbar spine rounded, thoracic spine extended. -Extended arm support. -Hips flexed , externally rotated, and abducted. Knees flexed Antigravity Movement: -Head movements free from trunk propped an extended arms cannot move in and out of position.
  6. From: 5 to 7 months Weigh Bearing:- -Weight on buttocks and legs Posture:- -Elbow flexed - Thoracic spine extended -Hips flexed, externally rotated , and abducted with wide base of support -knees flexed. Antigravity Movement:- -Cannot be left alone in - sitting position indefinitely.
  7. From: 5.5 to 8 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on buttocks and legs. Posture: -Shoulder aligned over hips. -Arms free. -Wide base of support. Antigravity Movements: -Arms move away from body. -Can play with a toy. -Can be left alone in sitting position.
  8. From: 6 to 8 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on buttocks and legs. Posture: -Trunk rotated -Elongation of trunk on reaching side. Antigravity Movement: -Sits independently. -Reaches for toy with trunk rotation.
  9. From: 7 to 8 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on hands , forearms ,and trunk. Posture:-Trunk flexed anteriorly or sideways over lower extremities. - Legs flexed , abducted and externally rotated . Antigravity Movements: -Moves out of sitting position to achieve prone lying position. -Pulls with arms; legs inactive.
  10. From: 8 to 10 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on both hands & one foot. Posture: -Moves from an independently sitting position to four-point kneeling. Antigravity Movement: -Actively lifts pelvis,buttocks,and un weighted leg to assume four-point kneeling position
  11. From: 9 to 12 months Weight Bearing: -Weight on bullocks. Posture: -Variety of postures with dissociation of legs Narrow base of support. Antigravity Movement: -Position of legs varies infant moves in and out of positions easily.