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Social media strategy

  1. Starbucks Rebecca Papilsky September 23, 2016
  2. Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Social Media Audit 3. Social Media Objectives 4. Online Brand Persona and Voice 5. Strategy and Tools 6. Key Dates and Timing 7. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities 8. Social Media Policy 9. Critical Response Plan 10. Measurement and Reporting Results
  3. Executive Summary  Our major social media priorities for 2016-2017 are to increase both engagement and following.  Three major social strategies will support this objective:  Increase the amount of retweets, likes, comments and shares  Encourage more online conversations and engagement  Publish more interactive materials
  4. Social Media Audit The following is an audit of Starbucks’ social media presence as of September 26, 2016. It includes an assessment of social media networks, website traffic, audience demographics and competitor analysis.
  5. Social Media Assessment SOCIAL NETWORK URL FOLLOWE R COUNT AVERAGE WEEKLY ACTIVITY AVERAGE ENGAGEMENT RATE Facebook ucks/ 36.4M 5 posts per week 10% Instagram ucks/ 11.5M 7 posts per week 300k interactions per post Twitter s/ 11.7M 20 posts per week 5% LinkedIn ny- beta/2271?pathWild card=2271 725k 3 posts per week Less than one percent Pinterest cks/ 274.5K 10 pins per week 1% YouTube cks 110.6K 1 video per week Less than one percent
  6. Social Media Assessment cont.  At the present time, Instagram receives the most interactions per post. Instagram posts receive an average of 300,000 likes per post. Facebook also receives a lot of likes and comments. Little interactions happen on LinkedIn, and a change in posts should be considered moving forward.
  7. Website Traffic Sources Assessment SOURCE VOLUME PERCENTAGE OF OVERALL TRAFFIC CONVERSION RATE Facebook 2M unique vistis 20% 3% Instagram NO DATA NO DATA NO DATA Twitter 300K unique visits 15% 2.4% LinkedIn 5K unique visits 5% 0.7% Pinterest 10K unique visits 3% 0.3% YouTube 50K unique visits 6% 0.9% Timeframe: Monthly Average At the present time, Facebook is the biggest driver of traffic to our website. Twitter also drives a significant amount of people to our website. LinkedIn and Pinterest drive little traffic to our website.
  8. Audience Demographics Assessment Age Distributio n Gender Distributio n Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need Secondary Need 2% 13-17 75% Female Instagram Facebook Fit in with the status quo & drink Drinks that actually taste good 40% 18-24 25% Male Facebook Instagram responsibly made coffee 49% 25-40 Facebook Twitter 9% 40+ Twitter Facebook The majority of people using our social networks are in the 25-40 age group. An overwhelming amount of them are also female. The 18-25 and 25-40 year olds mainly follow us on Facebook. The 13-17year olds prefer to engage with us on Instagram..
  9. Audience Demographics cont.
  10. Competitor Assessment Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses Dunkin’ Donuts FB: Dunkin’ Donuts Really good at directing posts towards millennials. Good at audience engagement and using pictures taken by customers. Pictures not as visually appealing as ours. Does not get as many likes, shares or comments. McDonald’s FB: McDonald’s Very good at two-way conversation on posts. Good at appealing to all different age groups. Good at promoting their products. Pictures not as visually appealing and they use a lot of harsh colors and backgrounds. Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s are our two biggest competitors. Although we have more followers than DD on all our sites, we are lagging behind McDonald’s. Our competitors are very good at two-way conversation, but don’t use as high-quality photos and videos.
  11. Social Media Objectives In 2016-2017, the primary focus of our social media strategy will be to increase customer engagement and two-way conversation in order to gain more followers and obtain the loyal ones. In order to do this, our social media priorities will be to stay connected with our followers and encourage them to share our content. Some specific objectives include: 1. Increase comments on our Facebook page and mentions on Twitter by 40% in 8 months. 2. Increase the amount of comments and mentions that we reply to by 60% in 6 months 3. Increase followers by 15,000 on Facebook, 10,000 on Instagram and 5,000 on Twitter in 5 months
  12. Social Media Objectives cont. Key Messages  A place to be social  Responsible, delicious drinks  Seasonally friendly  A place to have fun and connect KPIs 1. Sentiment Analysis 2. Number of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers 3. Number of positive mentions on Twitter 4. Number of positive comments on Facebook
  13. Online Brand Persona and Voice Adjectives that describe our brand:  Responsible  Trendy  Quality  Convenient  Fun  Delicious When interacting with customers we are:  Accommodating  Friendly  Talkative  Understanding
  14. Online Brand and Persona cont.
  15. Strategies and Tools Paid:  Use Facebook ads directed on our followers feeds as well as anyone who has recently Googled Starbucks.  Release a promotional Instagram post every month or to boost any initiatives happening. Owned:  Use the hashtag #CurrentFallMove in all our Fall inspired posts and encourage our followers to use the hashtag as well.  Receive 10 cents off a drink when customer follows our Facebook, likes our Intagram page or follows us on twitter Earned:  Partner with top five most followed travel bloggers on Instagram to post about our brand  Offer 500 gift cards to followers who come up with the best posts for the hashtag #CurrentFallMood
  16. Strategies and Tools cont. Tools: Approved Tools:  Hootsuite  RebelMouse  Tweetdeck  IFTTT  Buzzsumo  Schedulegram Existing Subscriptions/Licenses  Vimeo  Creative Cloud  InDesign  Photoshop  Illustrator  PremierPro
  17. Timing and Key Dates Holiday Dates  Thanksgiving  First day of the seasons  Labor Day  Valentine’s Day  New Years Eve  Halloween Internal Events  National Coffee Day- Thursday, Semptember 29 Reporting Dates  Reporting will occur once a quarter in February, May, August and November.
  18. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities Senior vice president of marketing and brand management- Brady Brewer Senior vice president of communications-Corey duBrowa Senior vice president of channel development- Glenn Hartman Senior vice president of customer relationship management- Aimee Johnson Executive vice president of global marketing- Sharon Rothstein
  19. Social Media Policy Social media is an extremely important part of the Starbucks brand. We use social media everyday to interact with our loyal customers, to gain new customers and to promote our products and services. It is of the upmost importance that Starbucks is represented in the best light on all of our social media networks. All employees are expected to demonstrate the best practices and etiquette.  Be appropriate at all times  Be friendly  Engage with all the customers  Be helpful  Use common sense  Share posts from your personal social network accounts  Think before you post
  20. Critical Response Plan Scenario 1- Inappropriate Tweet Sent from @Starbucks 1. Screenshot then delete the tweet 2. Report the tweet to a senior executive employee 3. Determine the reach of the tweet 4. Determine who if anyone is talking about the tweet 5. If media has picked up on the tweet, refer all inquiries to Aimee 6. Take disciplinary action against the employees responsible for the tweet if necessary No Pre-Approved Messaging in This Scenario Messaging will be determined by senior executive employees base on the tweet
  21. Critical Response Plan cont. Scenario 2- Angry customer commenting on Facebook posts with complaints Action Plan 1. Alert senior executive employees when the comments are detected 2. Respond in a friendly and professional way to the comment 3. Private message the person complaining to find out if anything can be done to change their mind 4. Immediately post another general positive post to the Facebook page 5. See how many people liked the negative comment and if more negative comments have been posted Pre-Approved Messaging: “We are so sorry you feel this way _________! Here at Starbucks all of our customers are important to us. (add specific solution about complaint)”
  22. Measurement and Reporting Quantitative KPIs Reporting Period: 3 Months Website Traffic Sources Assessment Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Facebook 2.5M unique visits + 15% growth 20% 4.9% Twitter 400K unique visits +10% growth 12% 3.7% LinkedIn 7K unique visits + 5% growth 9% growth 2.4%
  23. Measurement and Reporting cont. Social Network Data Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Facebook arbucks/ 40M +8% growth 8 posts per week +5% growth 20% Instagram arbucks/ 11.9M +5% growth 10 posts per week +7% 500K interactions Twitter cks/ 12M + 15% growth 25 posts per week +15% 10% LinkedIn pany- beta/2271?pathWi ldcard=2271 750K + 6% growth 5 posts per week +12% 5%
  24. Measurement and Reporting cont.  Our Facebook followers have grown by 8% and the engagement rate has doubled to date.  Our average interaction rate on our Instagram has grown by 200,000 interactions per post. It is important to note that the number of people using the hashtag #CurrentFallMood has increased as well.  We have increased our number of posts per week on Twitter, and in return our engagement rate has increased.
  25. Qualitative KPIs Sentiment Analysis An analysis of 100 Facebook posts, 100 Twitter posts, and 100 Instagram posts revealed:  An increase in the amount of positive comments, mentions and retweets. This includes sharing posts and tagging their friends.  The biggest driver of negative sentiment is posts about specific drink flavors. These posts drive negative comments about the taste of the drinks.  An increase of the use of the hashtag #CurrentFallMood
  26. Proposed Action Items  Continue to respond to comments and mentions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Continue using the hashtag #CurrentFallMood and come up with more seasonally related hashtags.  Continue to use Facebook ads and promotional Instagram posts to get new followers.