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How To Not Suck At Being Creative

Being creative isn't always glamorous or a cake walk. There is no magical pill or linear process to creating good ideas. In fact, the path is often chaotic, disjointed and yet inspiring at the same time. After observing my 5 year old's obsession with building incredible things with LEGOS, I discovered ways to not suck at being creative and how to pursue a child-like creativity where anything is possible. Sure a LEGO is just small manufactured piece of plastic, but more importantly, it is an invitation to build the world as you imagine it.

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How To Not Suck At Being Creative

  1. 10 Tuesday, February 4, 14 ways I learned to not suck at being creative.
  2. fire truck? Tuesday, February 4, 14
  3. #1 Ask “Why and What If?” Being curious leads to insight. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  4. #2 Go for a walk. Daily. Physical activity frees the mind to wander. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  5. #3 Drink coffee. Or gulp. Mental stimulation ignites percolation. “The level of noise that matches the bustle of a coffee shop--around 70 decibels--spurs more creative performance than the quiet of 50 decibels or the distracting blender volume of 85 decibels.” Via FastCo: http://goo.gl/M5DJZ Tuesday, February 4, 14
  6. #4 Talk to people. Different people. Fresh perspectives are helpful. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  7. #5 Just Doodle. If you think it, ink it. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  8. #6 Create bad work. Loads of it. And trust the process. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  9. #7 Remember why you started. “When I grow up...” Tuesday, February 4, 14
  10. #8 Make it plain. Make it simple. Make it believable. Human truth cannot lie. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  11. #9 Have fun. It’s only advertising. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  12. #10 Forget everything I just said. Create your tomorrow. Tuesday, February 4, 14
  13. build it. Tuesday, February 4, 14