fisheries science fisheries aquaculture bangladesh fish bsmrau fish meal technology shrimp coastal area climate change weather rice fish farming integration rice fish farming goat rotifer cage culture poikilotherm & homeotherm tenualosa ilisha shrimp culture sustainable development sustainability renewable energy marine resources marine oil and gas energy live feed integrated aquafarming goat cum fish farming practice on thesis paper presentation making presentation spirulina catlà rohu seminar project proposal study students ms stocking density of fish poly culture stocking density stocking semi-intensive culture natural resources blue economy economy fmg461 fisheries technology fit461 non infectious diseases aiga economic incentives hilsha surimi and surimi based products oyster mud crab and mussel fish seed transportation breeding parasitic diseases parasitic disease of fishes carp fishes fish biodiversity surimi biology pond construction prawn genome class osteichthyes mangrove forest sundarbans pheromone hilsa hilsa migration. nursery pond management nursery pond hatchery dna microbiology quality control
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